Delicious Rolls at Tomo Sushi

20 delicious rolls of sushi at Tomo Sushi
Located at 9625 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill

Mmm!  I was very pleasantly surprised and thoroughly satisfied with the amazing lunch I had at Tomo Sushi.  Even though we were very early and arrived 5 minutes before they opened up at noon on a Saturday, soon after we had sat down by the nice and friendly server, there were many other people who arrived.  It looks like a really popular joint for sushi eating!

Tomo Sushi at 9625 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill

They have a very extensive menu for lunch and also if you want to order a la carte.  We decided on ordering two of the lunch combos since it includes salad, soup, and rice/fried rice.

Both lunch sets came with salad and soup. You could choose between miso soup or crunchy noodle soup. I loved the crunchy noodle one. The noodles were fine and so soft. :9

I chose the “Roll Set Lunch B” which consisted of rolls, rolls, and more rolls.  I really was in the mood for lots and lots of sushi rolls. 😀  This lunch set also included my beloved dynamite roll as well so this choice was a no-brainer.

Roll set lunch “B” — California Roll, Salmon Roll, Dynamite Roll, served with miso soup & salad. $17

There were 20 rolls in total.  When the plate arrived, I was surprised that the rolls were so big!  I’m usually not a fan of big rolls because in my experience, big rolls of sushi never taste good.  However, I was blown away with how amazing these tasted.  They appear big, but they actually were not so big that I couldn’t fit an entire roll into my mouth.  Haha, yes, I’m one of those people who like to jam the entire sushi in and chew. 😀  The California Roll was very delicious — a good size of crab meat and avocado in it.  So yummy!  The Salmon Roll was also very good — big piece of salmon in it.  The dynamite roll was also awesome.  It was the biggest roll on the whole plate and jam-packed with a big shrimp tempura in the middle, lots of crunchy cucumber, and also a big piece of avocado.  It was also very good.  SO satisfied with this lunch set!

The other lunch set that we shared was a lunch set bento box filled with Kalbi (Korean barbequed beef short ribs), California roll, and Shrimp Tempura.  We were deciding between this set or one with sashimi, but voted to try their Kalbi after thinking about the amazing melt-in-your-mouth Kalbi we had had at Ho Shin Tang.

Lunch bento: Kalbi, California Roll, Shrimp Tempura served with miso soup, salad, & fried rice. $14

The shrimp tempura and vegetable tempura were very good.  The sauce that came with it was fresh and hot.  I liked how there was a skewer of three mushrooms in tempura batter as well.  I’ve never had mushroom tempura before.  It was yummy.

Tempura, Kalbi, Fried rice

The fried rice was a little sticky and very yummy. 🙂

The Kalbi short ribs didn’t live up to the high expectations that I had.  They were dry and a little rough.  We actually didn’t end up finishing this and took it home; they tasted much better once they had been heated up again and the flavour had sunk in more overnight.

The wonderful lunch was finished off with an orange dish straight out of the refrigerator lol.  It was a sweet and cold orange cut up into pieces — Japanese style.

Cut-up orange!

I’m very surprised that this place was so delicious and satisfying!  For some reason, I had expected not-so-good sushi since I hadn’t heard much about this place.  Turns out this place is a gem!  I loved their sushi rolls!  I’m definitely coming back..  And recommending it to my friends and food enthusiasts (Hey, yeah, YOU.  The one reading all this!).

Dynamite Roll. SO good!

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