Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada — Richmond Hill location

Womens Fitness clubs of Canada (WFCC) just opened a new location in Richmond Hill and had an open house event for group exercise classes free of charge to anyone who wanted to try out a class at their new location.  I visited the 10341 Yonge Street location on a rainy Saturday morning to partake in a good, fun, high-energy Zumba class.  

I walked in and was very impressed with the size and quality of the facilities.  The reception desk was right at the front of the entrance.  You could see all of the treadmills and exercise machines that were laid out in a very open and casual environment.  The staff that welcomed us were extremely friendly and welcoming.  Their change rooms are located in the back and there are rows and rows of lockers available for use.  It was a really nice and clean place.  It was such a simple design and one that made so much sense.  Near the middle of the gym, there was a big room where the group exercises took place.  There was also a smaller room for cycling classes and further rooms for consultations and personal fitness.

The Zumba class started at 9:30 a.m. and there were a lot of people already signed up — more than 25 on the list.  The room was a little crowded; there were three instructors that stood at the front of the room.  However, during each song, there was only one main instructor that was leading the moves, so it was actually really difficult to follow along.  There were way too many people inside the room and it was hard to see what the instructor was doing.  All in all, I left the class a little disappointed.  I do regular Zumba classes once or twice a week now with Zumbako and I find their energy and dance moves to be way more fun and high-energy than this class.  I felt that even though I started to sweat more towards the end of the 30-minute class, I wasn’t moving as much as I usually do.  The moves weren’t engaging or challenging enough.  The music also wasn’t as catchy or energizing.  Unfortunately, that’s the main part that drives me to Zumba — the high-energy fun and the catchy songs.   Without these two things, Zumba just isn’t the same.  Too bad.  I’m still really glad that I got to try a class free though!  Now that I have, I appreciate my regular Zumbako membership even more than before. 🙂

In spite of all this, I would say that WFCC is actually a really nice gym to work out at.  Just because I didn’t like their Zumba class doesn’t mean that I think their gym overall is bad.  Their facilities are really nice and clean, and they offer a variety of exercise classes other than Zumba.  I really like the layout of their exercise machines as well as the spacious change rooms.  I also like how it’s a women’s only gym and that all of the staff there were extremely friendly and nice.  Check out their website! 🙂

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