Breakfast at The Fickle Pickle

The Fickle Pickle on 6302 Main Street in Stouffville

Before we headed for our first introductory lesson on horseback riding, the group of my friends and I had breakfast at The Fickle Pickle.  It’s a small family restaurant that is located on one of the many shops and eateries on Main Street in Stouffville.  I don’t quite remember, but this may have been my first time in Stouffville.  It’s far up north and east where there are not many people and resembles a small town.  We popped in here for breakfast since the horse owners recommended it for some good food.

We were a group of 10 and they didn’t have any large tables to accommodate all of us, so we all squished into two booths.  It was a homey place and very casual.

French Toast — thick sliced bread dipped in egg and grilled to a golden brown. $6.75

I ordered a French Toast.  I realized that this was probably my first time having a western-style French toast at a restaurant.  The other times I’ve had French toast were at Chinese HK-style cafes.  The difference between the two styles is that the Chinese mostly make the French toast using a huge square bread while the French toast I had here was the more authentic kind.  I could taste a lot of the egg on the outside of the toast.  It actually may have been too eggy for me, but I loved adding the syrup onto the toast.  It was still quite good.

French toast in syrup

My friends ordered Eggs Benedicts, English-style breakfasts, eggs and sausage, etc.  All your typical breakfast stuff.  The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner later in the day.  It seems to be a popular place — there was another diner next to it that served all-day breakfast but it was nearly empty while The Fickle Pickle was full of people and even had a line-up of people when we left the restaurant.  This is a quaint restaurant to try if you are in this area.

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