Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese at Home of Hot Taste

Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese at Home of Hot Taste

Home of Hot Taste located at 5 Glen Cameron Rd #3B in Thornhill

I said I would return to the Home of Hot Taste restaurant to try this appealing dish — “Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese”.  In my previous review of this restaurant, I had eyed this chicken dish on the menu with drool coming out of the corners of my mouth… I really wanted to try this fiery chicken dish that had cheese in it!  It looked so good on the menu and I wasn’t able to try it out last time since I was already too full with the yummy Fusion Fried Egg roll and the first sampling of their Blazing Fire Chicken Wings.


They again served the same yummy salad and radish appetizers as last time. I loved the acidity of the salad but thought the radishes were a little bland this time

Here’s my review of what I thought of my visit this time!


Noodles — can be added if you order a main dish. $3

I ordered a dish of noodles on the side because I thought it would have been an amazing addition to the dish — nothing better than having ramen noodles with your chicken and cheese, right?!  Unfortunately, when the plate of noodles arrived, to our surprise, it turned out to be a pleasing dish of noodles…… except for the big deal that it was spicy beyond belief!  The red sauce itself should have already informed me of this firemen-inducing-noodle, but I thought it was just going to be a sweet sauce and not so spicy that my taste buds would have been left screaming.  Anyway, the texture of the Korean noodles were fantastic though:  very chewy and perfectly made.  However, that sauce… oh, man.  I’m not sure how many people can take this kind of spice.

Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese

Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese. $16.99

The dish of “Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese” arrived and I liked it.  I thought there were going to be more cheese drizzled on it because the picture on their menu showed the dish of hot chicken SUBMERGED and SWIMMING in cheese.  More cheese would have made the dish even better.  The chicken was well flavoured and the pieces were made from the thighs of the chicken so that it was not rough or dry.  It was quite good regardless.  It would have went really well with either fried rice or some semi-flavored but not-so-much-spice-that-would-kill-your-taste-buds-off noodles.

Since the noodles were pretty much unedible, we decided to pack it up to eat later at home — stripped of its spice and watered down and re-cooked to be more edible, we ordered a “Seafood Roasted Rice Soup” to calm the taste buds down.  At first, I wanted to try their “Oyster and Pork Japanese Style Pancake” but they were out of oysters that day. 😦

Seafood Roasted Rice Soup

Seafood Roasted Rice Soup. $8.99

Seafood Roasted Rice Soup

Using the spoon to scoop out what’s inside…

The “Seafood Roasted Rice Soup” turned out to be not bad.  It wasn’t the most flavourful thing in the world after what we had experienced with the noodles, but it was a very hearty and hot meal.  It arrived steaming hot to our table — literally steaming as the soup in the bowl was still bubbling.  We used the big spoon to scoop out the roasted rice that was stuck to the bottom of the hot stone pot and served out portions on our smaller bowls to eat.  There were a lot of small shrimps, small cut-up octopus parts, a bigger shrimp with its shell still on, and lots of fresh onions, carrots, and green onions in the thick soup base.  It was pretty good.  I liked how the roasted rice was hard since it was made to be stuck to the bottom of the stone pot and as it was cooked in the pot, it became more soft and became infused with the soup.

Seafood Roasted Rice Soup

There you see the layer of roasted rice that’s quite hardened

Seafood Roasted Rice Soup

Scooping around to see what else is inside the hot stone pot

Seafood Roasted Rice Soup

Mmm yum! Done sizzling at this point

Seafood Roasted Rice Soup

Here you can see the roasted rice that’s softened up and has soaked up the hot soup

Overall, this visit to Home of Hot Taste was adequate but not satisfying in the sense of a happy foodie.  I really expected the “Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese” dish to be more cheesy and to have paired with some yummy noodles on the side.  It would have been perfect with ramen noodles!  I remember that time when I had a similar dish at Joon’s at the Koreantown downtown and they added cheese and ramen noodles to the steaming hot dish of rice cakes and seafood.  It was to die for!  I guess the next thing to try at this restaurant would be their fried chicken, and their other varieties of differently flavoured chicken like their chicken with green onions, chicken in a sweet and sour style, etc.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I won’t be returning any time soon — I’ve tried all that I’ve wanted to try here!


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  2. Holly Edejer says:

    Mmmm, that Blazing Fire Chicken with Cheese just looks so amazing. And I would love to try that Oyster and Pork Japanese Pancake! I think it was Taipei where I first had oyster pancakes and fell in love. 😀

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