Tian Xin Place — Shanghai Cuisine

Located at 5 Glen Cameron Road in Thornhill

Mmmm Shanghainese food is comfort food to me! 🙂  The last time I was in this plaza by Yonge Street and Glen Cameron Road in Thornhill, I noticed that there was a Shanghai restaurant among the primarily Korean restaurant dominated plaza.  It’s the same plaza that the Home of Hot Taste and Piggy’s Restaurant is in.  This restaurant used to be called Shanghai Xue Yuan but is now rebranded as Tian Xin Place.  




“vegetable rice” (菜飯)

We ordered a lunch set combo that included a small hot and sour soup (it’s really a staple of Shanghainese food) and steamed rice.  For a dollar more, we changed the plain steamed rice to “vegetable rice” (菜飯).  Vegetable rice is sooo good because there’s bits of seasoned bok choy mixed into the rice to create flavour.  We chose the Kung Pao Chicken out of the long list of other Shanghainese varieties.  The hot and sour soup was actually really good!!  It was perfectly sour and a little spicy and there were a lot of ingredients in the soup.  Yum!

Hot and sour soup

Kung Pao Chicken lunch combo. $7.99

The Kung Pao Chicken arrived with lots of seasoned chicken bites, fresh peanuts, onions, and green and red peppers.  There were actually a lot more of the other ingredients than the actual chicken pieces.  Nevertheless, the Kung Pao Chicken was well prepared; a little spicy but perfectly smooth and soft.  It reminded me of the one I ate at Bashu just a little while ago.  I do have to say that Bashu prepared a better Kung Pao Chicken, but this was still really good.



Sesame Biscuit with Minced Meat. $4.99

Oh, one absolute favorite dish I love in Shanghai restaurants is the Sesame Biscuit with Minced Meat.  I can never get enough of it and always crave it every so often.  The stir-fried minced meat is provided on a plate with a spoon.  You scoop this meat into a perfectly baked sesame biscuit and then hold it in your hands to eat.  Yum!!  Not every restaurant makes it good since sometimes the meat may be not flavoured enough or the biscuits not baked well enough.  I was happy to find out that this portion and dish great!  The biscuit was really good with the minced meat inside.  It reminds me of another restaurant that I loved eating this at:  Golden Shanghai Restaurant.  SO good!


Singapore Fried Rice Noodle. $8.99

Lastly, I was craving stir-fried noodles and even though this isn’t a Shanghainese dish, I ordered a Singapore Fried Rice Noodle.  It’s the one that has the yellow curry powder in it and usually served with bean sprouts, shrimp, and barbecue pork.  It’s one of my definite go-to comfort foods.  I found that it was okay here; it wasn’t amazing but not bland either.



This restaurant serves pretty good Shanghai food.  Come by if you are in the area and want to try some. 🙂 There were quite a lot of Western customers in there too!

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