Dessert and Drinks at Café Princess

Chocolate Chip Waffle at Café Princess

The name of this small and cozy café pretty much sums up what you’ll get when you visit Café Princess.  It’s a stereotypically girly and pink café located on the upper level of one of the restaurants at the Yonge and Finch intersection, making it very convenient to stop by for some dessert or tea after work to catch up with a few girlfriends or play some board games on a rainy weekend.  They offer a good-sized selection of bubble tea, hot and cold drinks, waffles with ice cream and/fruit, cakes, and sandwiches & bagels.  There are large comfy sofas and coffee tables placed throughout the open space and resembles someone’s living room.  Several board games are placed at the corner near the cashier counter and costs $2.50 per game to play.  However, they have a seating limit of 2 hours due to the minimal space.

The inside of Cafe Princess at 5590 Yonge St. in North York

My view next to the window with a snowman smiling at me =)

When I stepped into Café Princess on a windy and rainy afternoon, I chose a seat near the window.  Much like what everyone else is doing nowadays, the space was already decorated with lots of Christmas trinkets and lights even though it wasn’t even December yet.  There was even a Christmas tree brightly lit in the middle of the room.  As you strolled down the wooden floor to the restroom (which calls for a “prince” or “princess” to use), you really feel like you are in someone’s home instead of a café.  They did a really good job to re-create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in which you can catch up with friends and have some goodies.

My friend Grace and I ordered the waffles with ice cream and a drink.  It was a really nice place to chat and snack since it was relatively quiet.  The place only got louder when one of the two larger groups of friends around us started playing a game of Jenga.

Here is the Chocolate Chip Waffle that I ordered.  It comes with two scoops of chocolate ice cream and lots of chocolate chips sprinkled and embedded right into the squares of the waffle itself.  It was exactly what I wanted since I was feeling for something sweet and chocolatety. 🙂  I don’t usually order waffles for dessert since they’re not always well-made — I’ve had hard waffles that tasted extremely bland and usually opt for cakes instead.

Chocolate Chip Waffle (with 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream). $9.98

These waffles were extremely soft and warm when they arrived!  I loved how some of the chocolate chips had melted into the waffles and made it taste completely chocolatety.  I really enjoyed it!

Here is the waffle that Grace ordered.  It’s called the “Princess Waffle”.  She had the option of choosing two types of ice cream — she chose strawberry and green tea.  I thought both of these flavours of ice cream tasted really good, much like how rich my chocolate ice cream tasted.  Yum.  Looking at her plate was like looking at a rainbow.  It was so colourful! 🙂

Princess Waffle (with 2 choices of ice cream & fruit). $9.98

Oh, and here are the drinks that we got.  I chose something hot while Grace chose a cold drink, an iced coffee, a drink she’s had before at Café Princess and enjoyed.

Iced Coffee ($3.58) & Apple Cider ($2.78)

I liked the apple cider that I ordered.  I wanted something sweet yet tangy since I was already having a chocolate overload in my waffles.  I liked how the hot drink warmed me up since it was rather cold outside and the fresh smell of apples took me to a sweet and peaceful place when I sipped it.  It was a nice drink. 🙂

I’m really glad that my friend and I were able to catch up here.  It’s really such a nice place to do so — haha, this is my third time mentioning it!  Next time, I’m going to try their selection of cakes!  Mmm, the red velvet, brownie chocolate cheesecake, and blueberry cheesecake all sound so good!  Until next time.. 🙂

Princes welcome too!

Cafe Princess on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to Dessert and Drinks at Café Princess

  1. Holly Edejer says:

    Such a Korean style cafe – I really need to go here for a visit and reminisce!

  2. Violet says:

    I love this cafe!!! My fave in the GTA. 🙂 So happy you wrote about this! If you go back next time, you must try the red velvet cake (it’s to die for!!) & the pumpkin latte and sweet potato latte are delish!!

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