Fish Soup Noodles House [Defunct]

Fish Soup Noodles House in Thornhill

This restaurant serves exactly what it’s named after — fish soup noodles.  I wanted some hot and soupy comfort food after an exhausting day of work and this place was the perfect fit for a fast and casual meal.  

the order sheet

My mom and I stopped in on a Tuesday in the afternoon.  Surprisingly, there were a few tables of people there already at this odd hour of feasting.  The order sheet was straight forward.  Their specialty is fish soup noodles — you can pick different types of noodles and choose the soup base and what toppings you want in the bowl.  The types of noodles range from vermicelli, thin vermicelli, and “oil noodle”.  You can then choose the type of soup base that you want.  Obviously, being the first time here at this establishment, I wanted to try their namesake, the original fish soup, as the base.  The other ones that you can choose from are the chicken broth, satay soup, curry soup, and Guilin soup.  My mom chose the curry one because she can never pull herself away from spicy foods.

The toppings that you can choose to place in your bowl of noodles are wide and varied and includes such things like red sausages, marinated egg, beef brisket, beef tendon, luncheon meat, and more.  Look at the picture above to see more choices.  My mom and I chose different toppings so that we could share them.

My bowl of thin vermicelli in fish soup base with fish dumplings and deep fried fish skin. $5.95

I really liked my bowl of thin vermicelli in original fish soup and fish dumplings and deep fried fish skin (I only noticed now that I chose everything fish-related in my choices lol).  I chose the thin vermicelli because I was reminded of the beautiful soft and thin vermicelli that I had at Bayview Court two weeks ago.  This restaurant didn’t make their thin vermicelli the same way, but it was still really good.  I liked the fish soup base.  It actually had a strong flavour of fish.  I was only fearful that the tastiness would be due to MSG since it is a Chinese establishment, but I thankfully wasn’t very thirsty after the meal.  The bowl also included a crab stick which is probably one of the best imitation crab sticks I’ve ever had.  It was SO soft and flaky and so delicious.  I gobbled up that thing so quickly.  The bowl also contained some vegetables like mushrooms and melon.  The fish dumpling that I had was all right; the skin was kind of hard.  I loved the deep fried fish skin though!  I usually can’t get enough of it when it’s available in a packet like how chips are sold (you can buy deep fried fish skin as a snack in most Asian supermarkets).  It’s so yummy; you just can’t stop once you’ve started. 😛   All in all, the bowl of fish soup noodles was really good and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for as comfort food.

Plate of deep fried fish skin that comes separately from the bowl of noodles. This is to ensure that the skin doesn’t get soggy. =)

My mom chose the regular vermicelli option with curry soup and sliced whelk and homemade fish paste.  Her type of vermicelli was thicker and tasted bouncier.  It was still good though, but I enjoyed my thin vermicelli better.  The curry soup was not overpowering but also not spicy enough for my mom since she’s used to strong curry broths.  The whelk was good and chewy, and I liked the homemade fish paste — it was soft and sweet.

Mom’s bowl of vermicelli in curry soup with whelk and homemade fish paste. $5.95

Fish soup dumplings. $3.50
with veggies and meat inside the dumpling

We also ordered a small snack to share:  fish soup dumplings.  These dumplings are not the same ones that I ordered for my bowl; these are dumplings with fish meat and veggies wrapped inside.  The fish soup for this was actually a lot more intense and flavourful than the my fish soup broth for my noodles.  It was very well-flavoured; they must have used a lot of fish in the soup and boiled it for hours.

In all, we enjoyed our meal here.  It’s your typical Chinese place except they specialize in fish soup noodles.  They also offer hot pot meals and HK-style dishes.  Maybe I’ll come to this restaurant again to try their other dishes.  However, it’s located at the Commerce Gate plaza which is full of other restaurants that I’ve never been to.  As a major foodie now, I think I would want to try somewhere new instead. 🙂

Fish Soup Noodles House at 505 Hwy 7 E Unit 50-53 in Thornhill

Fish Soup Noodles House on Urbanspoon

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