Chiu Chow Cuisine at Bayview Court Restaurant

The best Chiu Chow cuisine I’ve had

A lost gem is now found!  I used to go to this restaurant for Chiu Chow cuisine all the time with my family in Markham as a kid growing up.  There used to be a branch located at the Peachtree Centre at Kennedy and Highway 7.  One day, we went to the plaza to have some grub and discovered that they had closed down and relocated somewhere else.  I was crestfallen.  They served some of the best Chiu Chow duck and noodle soups around!

Bayview Court Restaurant at 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive, Unit 107 in Richmond Hill

I recognized the picture on the top immediately! I remembered looking at this history-filled picture often as a kid.

My mom suggested coming to Bayview Court Restaurant for lunch yesterday and it didn’t dawn on me that this was the same restaurant as the long-lost one until I sat down and looked at their place mat.  I have a bit of a photographic memory meaning that if I look at something and register it in my head, I’m likely to have taken a ‘mental snapshot’.  (It’s how I sometimes can recall really specific details of certain things.)   Looking at the photographs on the place mat, I immediately recognized it!  The Chinese name of the restaurant also confirmed that it was the same one we loved going to back in the day.  Yayyyy.  Restaurant found 🙂  The reason I wasn’t tipped off about it at first is that the generic name of “Bayview Court” never registered in my head that it actually serves Chiu Chow cuisine; I thought it would be just another Chinese restaurant.

In any case, we ordered some classic Chiu Chow dishes to share. 🙂  Their menu is a big book full of goodies.  They also have a set combo available during lunch time.

This platter contained duck marinated in soy sauce served with 2 types of meat: duck meat and duck kidneys.  It was laid over a bed of soft and smooth tofu slices with a plate of vinegar on the side.  The duck kidneys were really well prepared; some were a little hard and chewy while some pieces were softer.  It was very delicious.  The duck meat was also soft and savory.  This is an often-ordered dish and a classic.

Soy sauce mix of 2 kinds of meat (duck and duck kidney). $9.99

The oyster noodle soup was full to the brim with lots of small cut-up pieces of fresh oysters and the softest thin noodles ever.  The soup base was very thick and when you take a mouthful, the soup and noodles all marry together into a soft, hot, and delicious mound.  So good!  The oysters were so fresh too.  The noodles were kept hot even after sitting on the table due to the thick consistency of the soup.

Diced Oyster in Soup with Thin Noodles. $6.99

The pork stomach with vermicelli in black pepper soup was also glorious.  The goal of a black pepper soup base is ensure that the eater gets a punch of heated pepper and feels warm all over.  This goal was definitely attained.  It is a great noodle soup to eat on a cold winter day since it will warm you up for sure!  The pork stomach pieces were plentiful in the dish and the preserved vegetables added flavour to the dish.  So yummy!

Pork stomach in black pepper soup with vermicelli. $5.99

Now that this gem is found, expect more pictures to be added this blog post when I visit it in the future!  I didn’t feel thirsty either after the meal = no MSG used in the cooking.  Yay! 🙂

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  3. andy1076 says:

    I’ve yet to have pork stomach soup made in this style, Definitely will have to look it up now here in Vancouver or when I come over there! That oyster noodle though? wow it looks so good and now I got cravings :9

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