Danny’s Fish and Chips

Danny’s Fish & Chips in Markham

I’m surprised that I’ve passed by this restaurant so many times yet never noticed it or never had it register in my head as a place to try out.  Perhaps the reason why it’s been ignored is that it’s very understated and situated right in the middle of a nondescript plaza and sandwiched between a giant Shoppers Drug Mart and other little shops that don’t interest me at all.  It’s immediately east of the busy intersection of Highway 7 and Kennedy Road in Markham so it is by no means a location in the middle of nowhere.

Danny’s Fish & Chips at 4721 Regional Rd 7 in Markham

My friend Betty and I tried their popular fish and chips on a mild and gloomy day in December.  The inside of the restaurant was very outdated — bright red leather booth seats, antique style lamps, and plastic fish hanging on the walls.  It shows that this restaurant has been a hot spot in Markham for quite some time.  Not a bad thing at all!

We shared a halibut platter and the special fish of the day, whitefish, with chips.

Whitefish (pangasius) & Chips. $6.99

Halibut platter: halibut, shrimps, & scallops with chips. $19~

tartar sauce in a bottle… and the vinegar that I didn’t like

I loved the crusted batter of the fish; it was fairly light and wasn’t too oily or greasy at all.  My favorite was definitely the halibut — it was soft and smooth and fried really well!  The whitefish was a lot more firm and I didn’t like this one as much.  However, compared to most fish & chips places, these were pretty good.  The crunchiness and lightness of the batter definitely made it worthwhile.  The scallop was also noteworthy.  It was also soft and smooth.  The shrimp was fairly good as well.  The fries tasted really bland to me when they first arrived steaming hot to the table.   It could have been crispier.  The inside of the fry was soft and potato-y.  I was fairly disappointed with the fries.  They tasted worse when they had cooled down.  I used lots of ketchup, the seafood chili sauce that was available in a packet, and the tartar sauce to serve with the fries.  Speaking of the sauce, I didn’t really like their tartar sauce either.  It was way too creamy and tasted too much like mayonnaise.  I wanted that soury but tarty taste of tartar sauce.  Part of what makes fish & chips so good is the tartar sauce.  If only they had a better version of it….

All in all, I highly recommend the halibut.  I really, really enjoyed it and would have loved to have more of it.  The whitefish was fairly good as well and Betty liked it more than the halibut fish.  They have take-out too, so this is another option if you don’t want to dine in.

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