Reporting at the LSUC

Court reporting:  Today’s events brought to you by The Law Society of Upper Canada.  I’ve been to the LSUC a number of times last year when I was job shadowing.  This was good since I knew where the building was and kind of what to expect..  However, it would be my first time covering Summary Hearings at the Convocation Room (and working as the actual CR of course 😉 ).  I was excited to see what stories awaited me and my steno machine. 🙂

It was a very chilly morning with some flurries in the sky.  I got into the room with no problems and set up my equipment.  It was a very different set-up compared to what I’m used to at exams and discoveries.  I’m so glad that a CR friend of mine referred me to the LSUC website where they show the public which hearings are in session on which days.  It was so valuable for me to look at all the names the night before so that I could prep and add them into my dictionary. 🙂  It made things sooo much easier and really made connecting the names to the faces a breeze.  Yay resources!  And thank you, friend!  There were two hearings that I covered, both of which were really short.  By noon, we were all finished.  It turned out to be a really easy job.  I got all the names that I needed, they were speaking at a good pace, and I would say I got nearly everything with clean notes.  The whole thing reminded me of a jury charge where they generally say the same phrases and words over and over again.  The only challenge was one of the speakers who had a very different cadence of speech that threw me off every time she spoke.  All in all, another good day. 🙂  I’m really getting thirsty for more.  Two hours is not quite enough for this newbie CR.  I’m still grateful though, but more.  More! 🙂


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