Delicious Corned Beef Sandwich at the Corned Beef House [Defunct]

Corned Beef Sandwich

Corned Beef House located at 270 Adelaide St West in the Entertainment District

Wow, I was so surprised with how much I loved this place!  My friend Holly and I stopped into the Corned Beef House on a whim for a late lunch on a very cold and wintry day.  We had both placed this restaurant on our restaurant-to-go-to list so it was perfect when we happened to pass by it.




Corned Beef House storefront

Corned Beef House doorway

I immediately knew that I wanted to try their corned beef sandwiches… I mean, how can I not if they’re actually named the Corned Beef House?  I chose the Corned Beef Platter since it also came with fries/potato salad and coleslaw and a pickle.  I asked if I could substitute the choice with the soup of the day instead and the server gladly said I could.

Minestrone Soup

Soup of the day — Minestrone

I was immediately impressed with how large the portion of the daily soup was!  It was a minestrone soup and it was so hearty and delicious.  I was really expecting a small cup of thin, barely-there soup, but this was chock-full of veggies and pasta.  Yum!  It was perfect on a chilly winter day. 🙂

My corned beef sandwich arrived on an onion Kaiser as I had requested.  It looked good but kind of plain, so I totally wasn’t expecting the soft, tender slices of corned beef when I bit into it.  It was SO good!  The corned beef was perfectly cooked and steaming hot and I just couldn’t believe how moist and savory the meat was.  The amount of mustard that glazed the top of the corned beef in the sandwich was also perfect.  This now ranks as one of my top five sandwiches in my recent memory (best sandwich I’ve had is definitely the smoked meat sandwich that I had at Schwartz’s in Montreal).  SO delicious.  I was really, really impressed and satisfied!  I finished off the yummy sandwich with the small plate of yummy coleslaw and the juicy dill pickle.  I liked both and I’m a fan of eating something sour after a plateful of meat.

Corned Beef Platter

Corned Beef Platter — served with freshly baked onion Kaiser, coleslaw, and a kosher dill pickle. $13.25

I also tried a bite of the 7 oz Roast Beef Brisket Sandwich that Holly ordered.  It was pretty good as well.  It definitely had a strong flavour of smoked beef to it.

7 oz Roast Beef Brisket Sandwich

7 oz Roast Beef Brisket Sandwich with a kosher dill pickle

Corned Beef House interior

I loved the interior design and how cozy it was. Definitely a winner in my books

Next time I’m at the Corned Beef House, I’m definitely going to try their Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich.  Gonna have to see if it beats the famous one in Montreal! 😉   I still can’t believe how great the sandwich was here; no wonder they refer to it as Toronto’s “best kept secret”!




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