NCRA Convention 2013 in Nashville. Day 4. August 10, 2013.

Taking a picture with the Cascades Atrium behind me in the Gaylord Opryland Resort

Day 4 marked the last full day of steno seminars, the NCRA Awards Luncheon, and the President’s Dinner Party (Casino Royale themed this year).  I didn’t write up a blog post about Day 4 the night it happened, so this blog post will just be a series of pictures from the day’s events and some commentary from me.  Enjoy!  

The first seminar that I chose to attend began early at 7:30 a.m. and was called “Overcoming Test-Day Jitters”.  Marybeth was very enthusiastic about various tips and tricks that you can use to battle test nerves. 

I couldn’t get over how beautiful the conference rooms were in the Gaylord Opryland Resort.  It was really a privilege to walk past the fountains and foliage every day to get to the correct conference rooms.  NCRA could not have chosen a better resort to host an annual convention in! 

Checking out the Expo Hall before it closed at 10 a.m.  The Expo Hall was so much better than last year‘s.  I liked how NCRA came up with a Bingo game for participants to go around the vendors and get a stamp to fill out the cards.  The card was then submitted into a draw to win a pair of tickets for next year’s NCRA Convention free of charge and with rooming accommodations too (or something like that)!  I didn’t win, but it was really fun to go around the booths and ask for a stamp.  I also remember that the people at this year’s Expo Hall was a lot more friendly than last year’s.  Maybe it was the southern hospitality of Nashville that made everyone feel very welcoming and friendly towards each other. 

The ergonomic steno machine: 

A desk for your laptop on top of your steno machine: 

Walking up to and chatting with Mark Kislingbury for the second time!  I met him for the first time last year. 🙂  It was so cool that he remembered me too! 😀

NCRA Awards Luncheon: 

Food that we had at the luncheon.  The dessert was the best part:

Watching the various award winners go up on to the stage and receiving their awards was not the best part.  The best part was hearing how amazing their accuracy rates were for the various 200 wpm, 225 wpm, etc. speed contests! 

Attending the “Best Practices for Captioning Quality” seminar.  I really am so interested in captioning! 

Another view of the beauty of the resort while passing by: 

Attending the finale dinner party of the convention: the President’s Casino Royale Party.  Lots of people were dressed in formal gear and looked very James Bond-esque.  Nancy, the president, looked stunning in her red dress. 

Food at the party!  It was buffet style.  Unfortunately, Cynthia and I were both quite disappointed with the choices available… compared to last year’s President’s Party, the selection was far and few in between. 😦

However, the dessert selection was pretty grand: 

I got to meet some amazing court reporters and firm owners too.  Sharon, the one on the bottom right, was SO friendly and nice and kept encouraging us students to continue on and strive for that 225 (and beyond).  I won’t forget her kindness and enthusiasm from that night. 

We wrapped up the end of the night with a fun caricature!  The cartoonist was working until the wee hours up to midnight.  He was so nice to stay anyway.  I was his last person to draw.  I’m not so sure that the caricature looks like me though…

Also, while I was at the Expo Hall in the afternoon, I skipped out on the “Dirty Dozen: 12 Punctuation Errors that Reporters Make” seminar in order to get my caricature done from Thompson Reuters.  They have a booth every year and I had mine done last year by them too.  It was an interesting story but I also ended up being the last person that the cartoonist drew for this year’s NCRA event… it was by fluke that I got mine done.  Ask me in person for the story. 🙂 I was very lucky regardless and I loved the drawing he did of me! 

There is one more day left before Cynthia and I fly back home to Toronto.  Tune in to Day 5 soon!  In the mean time, here are Days 1, 23, and 5 of our trip for your viewing pleasure.

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