NCRA Convention 2013 in Nashville. Day 5. August 11, 2013.

Day 5 of the trip to Nashville marked the final two steno seminars, exploring one last time around the majestic Gaylord Opryland Resort (including taking the river boat cruise!), and flying home to Toronto.  Again, I wasn’t able to blog about this day immediately that night, so here are the pictures from Day 5 with commentary. 🙂  

The day started with the first seminar at a slightly not-so-early 8:30 a.m. on the last day — “Bringing CART to your Community”.  This seminar was brought to us by Karyn Menck and Kate Kanies: 

Not the best picture, but the “To Interrupt or Not to Interrupt: That is the Question” seminar that followed at 10:15 a.m.: 

And that was it!  The final seminar of the entire NCRA Convention and Expo 2013 was done.  We were free to wander and explore the rest of the resort.  We found a waterfall in the path, gorgeous tropical plants, and ducks swimming in the indoor river: 

Finally, before we checked out, we rode on the Delta Riverboat!  I’d been eyeing this ride since I first stepped inside the resort.  It was a full boat ride in the indoor river of the resort around the 4.5 acre indoor garden and surrounding areas.  I loved it! 

This is the fake shark inhabitant that was waving its tail at us as we passed by: 

More of the beautiful scenery inside the resort.  It was hard to believe that all of this greenery and wildlife existed inside the manmade space.  There were so many waterfalls around us. 

Cynthia and I took the complimentary shuttle once again and this time to Shoney’s, a casual restaurant across the street.  It was a buffet-style restaurant that offered lots of Southern food including fried chicken, heavy and delicious gravy on mashed potatoes, and more!  I got greedy and ordered an appetizer on top of the lunch buffet — a Chili Cheese Dixie Tater Chips.  I loved their fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy so much that I went back for seconds and thirds.  I miss their fried chicken! 

Our last pictures at the resort before we taxied off to the airport: 

The Nashville International Airport uses solar-powered panels for electricity: 

Alas, arriving home in Toronto: 

As always, I am so thankful for the opportunity to travel and for this chance to visit the NCRA Convention and Expo 2013.  I learned a lot, felt a lot more familiar with the steno world seeing that it was my second year at this annual convention, loved touring around the city and seeing Nashville first-hand, and met some of the biggest steno stars — Stan, Melody, Ed and Nancy Varallo, Sharon, Mark, and many others.  I was so lucky!  It’s like the Hollywood celebrities of the steno world. 🙂 I wasn’t so sure of it before, but I definitely now plan to attend the 2014 one that will be held in San Francisco this coming July-August.  I’m really excited.  Thank you for the southern hospitality, Nashville! 

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