Cheap Eats at Hai Tang Bakery & Coffee

This place is a gem!  Hai Tang Bakery & Coffee was predominantly a bakery where you could buy Chinese buns and baked goods, but over time it has transformed into a little cafe where you can order extremely cheap combo meals for food that is delicious and in large portions!  They serve breakfast items, and lunch and dinner combos as well. 

One of their most popular items is a pineapple bun with butter and a coffee or tea for $2.  So cheap!  Their food is always fresh and the service is fast and efficient.  When I come in to eat, I always like choosing the first booth seat that is closest to the cash register.  This is where all the menus are placed (and where all the action happens).  You order from here and then take a seat.  Within 5 minutes or so, a little Chinese lady will come out from the swinging kitchen door and call out your order.  I like eating at this seat because you can see the other Chinese lady making all the drinks as the orders are being placed.  She is so good at what she does and you can tell that she has so many years of experience doing it too.  It’s like a meal and a show to me.  Haha…  *mashing up lemon slices, pouring in steaming hot teas for the milk teas, adding appropriate amounts of sugar/honey/ice into the drinks*  (I’m a people watcher.  Can you tell? 😛 )

I’ve been to this place many times and this is the first time I’ve taken a picture of their food.  So unfortunately, on this visit, I only ordered an egg sandwich (so you cannot really tell what the rest of their food looks like).  The sandwich was good!  I liked how fluffy the egg was in the sandwich.  Thus, here is a picture of just an egg sandwich:

Egg Sandwich. $2.59

I had previously ordered their breakfast combos, curry chicken with rice, and vermicelli in soup before.  They were all really good for the price that you pay.  No pictures of those though.  Until I visit again for more food and take pictures of their food, here’s a snapshot of their menu (partial).

Located at 7220 Kennedy Rd in Markham

Also, this place is extremely popular.  There is never a period of 5 minutes without someone coming up to the cashier and ordering something.  It’s also part of the reason why I like sitting up so close to the cashier; it’s seriously like a show to watch how the lady runs the business.  She is super quick and knows all the orders by heart.  I don’t know.. I find it so interesting. :]  Has anyone else visited this little hidden gem before?  What was your experience like?

– – –

June 6, 2018:  I love this place but since it’s out of the way for me, I don’t come by often.  Since we were in the area on this afternoon, we stopped in for some classic and cheap eats.

Hai Tang Bakery & Cafe interior

Lots of tables and seeing in addition to the bakery shelves

Hai Tang Bakery & Cafe interior

It’s super popular and a hidden gem

We ordered the (it was probably on their all-day breakfast menu) ham and macaroni and egg sandwich.  Delicious classics!

 Ham and Macaroni and Egg Sandwich

Ham and Macaroni and Egg Sandwich

We also ordered the cream sauce on chicken and rice.  This was delicious and had so many pieces of chicken in it.  I love this place. 😀

 Cream sauce on chicken and rice

Cream sauce on chicken and rice

Hai Tang Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    I would like to come with you next time! Sounds delicious and cheap!!! ❤

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