Eating Caribbean Food at Cravins!

Located at 7270 Woodbine Ave in Markham

I can’t believe that this is the first time I can recall trying and eating jerk chicken!  I’ve always heard of this dish but somehow it has always eluded my dining choices.  Who knew that there was such an authentic Caribbean eatery around the Markham area for this type of food?  

Daniel and I arrived at Cravin’s Caribbean Bar and Grill on a rainy and gloomy Tuesday.  To my surprise, although it seems to be in a hidden area and also despite the poor weather, the place was quite packed with people dining in for lunch!  It’s a no frills eatery where you place your order at the front, choose and receive your food, pay, and then sit down to eat.  There was already a small line-up of people too!  At the counter, you could see all the assorted vegetables, rice, and meats that were kept warm.

They have daily specials that feature different dishes each day.  Even though Tuesday’s deal was the chicken roti wrap, I really wanted to try their classic jerk chicken.

Jerk Chicken with Rice and Spinach (lunch size $7.89)

I’m so glad that I did because it ended up to be delicious!  I had never had it before so I had nothing to compare to.  The chicken thigh and drumstick meat was flavourful and so tender.  There was a hint of spice; just enough for it to be super tasty but not numbingly hot.  It also came with a side of rice (yum) and veggies (I chose the spinach which was very soft and almost mushy — I liked it though.  It tasted very homemade and familiar to me).

Curry Goat Roti Wrap. $8.49
I didn’t take a picture of what the inside looks like, but it was full of curried goat meat and potatoes!

I really was genuinely impressed and surprised with how high-quality the food tasted despite it being such a low-key place.  I tried a bite of Daniel’s curry goat roti and I was also fond of how great it tasted — the goat meat was tasty and well seasoned.  It was very spicy too!  Even in that small bite, I could feel the curry spice linger in my mouth.

Peanut drink! $2.50

Daniel ordered a peanut drink that I’ve never tried before.  It was smooth and tasted really good!

Simple and a no frills kind of restaurant with good food

All in all, this is a place worth checking out.  The portions are quite decent, the prices are affordable, and best of all, the food is actually authentic and tastes great! 🙂  I would definitely return again to try their other dishes.

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10 Responses to Eating Caribbean Food at Cravins!

  1. andy1076 says:

    I’ve never tried jerk chicken before, It looks like you’ve found a hidden gem with the nice review you just made 🙂

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