Late Night Desserts at Hung Fook Tong

Located at 633 Silver Star Boulevard, Unit 121 in Scarborough

Hung Fook Tong is a restaurant that specializes in Chinese desserts.  The name Hung Fook Tong is well recognised in Hong Kong and Asia where the company has numerous stores and products.  It’s a popular spot to grab some late night dessert.  In terms of whether this restaurant comes from the same company as the legitimate one in Hong Kong, I’m doubtful.  In any case, my friend Lime and I had a nice catch up over some sweets.

Since I’ve been dining out quite frequently lately, I chose something that would calm down my ‘fires’ (also know as “hot air“) especially since my diet when dining out has consisted of various fried foods.  Gui ling gao is one of the best remedies to restore your body back to a ‘calmer’ state.  In Chinese translation, the dessert means ‘turtle jelly’ and was traditionally made from the bottom shell of the three-lined box turtle with other herbal ingredients.  Nowadays, it is made using herbs and with no turtle shell powder at all.  It’s a black jelly form that tastes a little bitter and that’s why they also give you a cup of syrup if you want to sweeten it up.  I usually add minimal syrup because I enjoy the bitter but smooth taste.  I like this dessert and I always like to have it every so often. 🙂

Traditional Herbal Jelly (Gui Ling Gao). $7.80

Lime ordered the mango pudding.  The presentation was lovely and it tasted like real mango.  She really liked it. 🙂

Mango Pudding. $6.50

We shared a toast with condensed milk.  It’s more of a breakfast item and very reminiscent of the choices they offer in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong people are very fond of putting condensed milk on toast.  :]

Toast (condensed milk). $4.50

Hung Fook Tong is a relaxed environment to hang out for some sweets at night.  It’s in the plaza where there is also a Destiny’s at Silver Star Boulevard.

Late night

Hung Fook Tong on Urbanspoon

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