Mona’s Roti — Caribbean Food

Located at 4810 Sheppard Ave. East Unit 209 in Scarborough

Steph and I dined at Mona’s Roti several weeks back on a Monday.  I was searching for a Caribbean restaurant in Scarborough (I’d been craving for some jerk chicken ever since I discovered it recently).  Mona’s Roti restaurant popped up on Urbanspoon as one of the top rated Caribbean restaurants in Scarborough.

To our surprise, when we arrived, it was simply a run-down looking restaurant in a plaza that catered to mostly take-out and catering food.  Thankfully, when we walked in, we noticed there were 3 small tables near the side where we could still dine in at.

Jerk Chicken with Rice & Peas, with a side of Curry Mango. $7.52

The food was all right.  I chose the jerk chicken with peas and rice (a staple of Caribbean dishes) with a choice of curry mango (interesting!) as the vegetable side.  Steph ordered a curry chicken roti.

I really liked the peas and rice.  The rice and peas were soft and it was a good level of spicy.  The mango vegetables were in big chunks that were also quite spicy.  I was a little disappointed with the jerk chicken to be honest.  The meat was firm on the drumstick that I had but it wasn’t entirely flavourful or memorable.  The best jerk chicken I’ve had to date is still the one I tried at Cravins.

Curry Chicken Roti

I tried a bite of Steph’s roti.  It was all right.  I liked how the roti pastry was flaky and soft.

Would I return to this restaurant again?  Hmm probably not.  It seems that there are a huge number of Caribbean restaurants in this area, so if I want to have jerk chicken or curry goat, I’m sure I can expand my horizons with a new restaurant instead. 🙂

Have you been here?  What did you think of their food?  Leave your comments below!

Mona's Roti-Caribbean Food on Urbanspoon


23 comments on “Mona’s Roti — Caribbean Food

      • Almost! I’ve yet to read the plan you set out for me though, so very sori! I’ve been insanely busy with work and everything 😦

        What I find amazing is that the CORE product has hugely suppressed my cravings for anything, I’ve not added any extra to my portions etc 🙂 love it!

      • All righty, I’m looking forward to your e-mail when you have time in your busy day. 🙂

        Woohoo!! I’m so glad! It’s a fantastic line of products! It’s worked well for a lot of people actually! My friend helped her friend lose over 60 pounds in 3 months on the program!

      • 60! is that through the cleanser? I found that during my 140 pound loss (I swear to god I am not bragging or anything like that, promise) that eating vegan sped up the weight loss process, the fibres from the vegetables and taking away the meat also gives massive energy boosts 🙂

      • Nope, it’s through one of the weight management programs. There are 4 of them. I sent you that one since it caters to your specific goal weight and time frame. But wow!! 140 pounds?! I’d like to see a before and after picture! Yes, vegetables really do help during the weight loss process. A lot of my friends who did the detox with me reported lots of energy after the third day of the detox! 🙂

      • Mmmm…! the one picture I do have of when I was huge I was wearing dark clothes but my chin was pretty big, I’ll scan it later when I get home 🙂 the after is as you see me now on my ‘About’ Photo, which I’m doing my best to maintain 🙂

      • Nice!! That’s so amazing, Andy! I’m so proud of you! I’m also very happy that you’re taking more steps to achieve an even better and healthier lifestyle too! Don’t stop! 🙂

      • oh I don’t intend to and with your coaching, I’ll likely get even more fit 🙂 won’t be long before I’ll ask for a healthy stronger dose of energy generating supplements so I can kick my workouts up another notch 🙂

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