Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

Located at 93B Ossington Avenue in Toronto

After a night of feasting at this May’s TUM, Toronto Underground Market, my friends and I headed towards Koreatown for some more food (for some of us) and also towards transit for home.  Along the way, on Ossington, we noticed a dessert shop that was buzzing with people.  Despite eating a lot of food at TUM, we didn’t have any dessert, and this Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery hit the spot perfectly.  

It turns out that it was only Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery’s second day of opening and we were one of the first customers to try out their desserts.  What a privilege!

They have an assortment of ice cream, cookies, baked goods, and ice cream sandwiches for sale.  Woo, ice cream sandwiches!  I couldn’t resist even though I wasn’t that hungry.  The ice cream sandwiches all looked really, really good!

There were a lot of people here!

ice cream puffs


Freezer full of different flavoured-ice cream for sale

I chose a uniquely flavored ice cream:  The passion fruit milk chocolate ice cream with a dark chocolate cookie.  Yum!  The passion fruit milk chocolate ice cream was a little sour and tangy.  It was definitely different.  I loved the dark chocolate cookie though.

Passion fruit milk chocolate ice cream sandwich!

I tried the others’ ice creams too and they were all very good.  I especially liked the London Fog one. 🙂

London fog?

I like how they had the option of getting half of a half ice cream sandwich.  Even one half was more than enough for one person!  It was a really great dessert.  If I remember correctly, each half was around $4.25 which is very affordable for a good dessert.  I’m super glad that we happened to stop by and try this place! 🙂

**Thank you to Victor for the high quality photos.  As you might remember, this was the day that I forgot to bring my camera out and thus had to resort to my phone to take pictures (foodie blog fail!)

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  1. andy1076 says:

    mmmm u had me at ice cream Karen… :9

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