Summerlicious 2014 Restaurant #5: STOCK Restaurant Bar & Lounge

Located at Trump International Hotel & Tower
325 Bay St, 31st Floor in Toronto

STOCK Restaurant Bar & Lounge is located at the 31st floor of the Trump International Hotel & Tower in the Financial District of Toronto (read:  fancy schmacy).  Danny was awesome enough to make a reservation for the four of us foodies well in advance.  We got a table for the 8:30 p.m. table seating on a Friday night.  Woohoo!



For some reason this year for Summerlicious, I’ve been noticing a lot of people booking reservations at STOCK as well.  It must be the “it” restaurant for this season.  I was quite excited to try the food out and see how it would compare to other restaurants as well as compare it to what my friends who visited it thought of the food.

The service was great.  Our server didn’t intrude on our conversations and kept the pace of the food running well for the entire night.  I loved that we got two rounds of complimentary chocolates as a dessert after dessert — more on this later.

31 floors high at the Trump International Hotel & Tower!

Bread with humus

We started off with two rounds of warm bread with yummy humus.  We also took the opportunity to go out into the sky patio to enjoy the summer sunset sky.  We were very high up on the 31st floor and it was quite the view.  A limited number of guests could choose to sit here and dine while overlooking the city if they wished.  It was a little chilly when we were here this night so after a couple of pictures and admiring the skyline, we ducked back into the dining room where the first basket of warm bread awaited us.

chicory, dinosaur kale, fennel, puffed wild rice granola, citrus vinaigrette

Three of us chose the Bay Scallop & Atlantic Salmon Ceviche as the appetizer while Calvin chose the 100 km Spinach Salad (with an interesting ingredient of “dinosaur kale”).  I tried a bite of the interestingly named 100 km Spinach Salad and agreed that the overflowing bowl of greens was fresh and refreshing.  You could really taste the “green” in it.



avocado crème fraîche, yuzu, togarashi popcorn

Wow!  That Bay Scallop & Atlantic Salmon was quite the appetizer.  I couldn’t believe how amazing the different flavours worked together.  I have to say that this is now one of my top 5 appetizers I’ve ever had in a fine dining restaurant.  It was incredible!  I loved each small morsel of bay scallop as it was fresh and perfectly textured.  The togarashi popcorn gave the most kick to the dish by adding a bit of crunch and tasty sprinkle to the dish.  I absolutely loved the fresh Atlantic salmon as well.  Everything just went so well together!  This was an absolute thrill to taste!

spiced cauliflower, edamame, truffle

Soon afterwards, we enjoyed our mains.  While Eric and Calvin ordered the Lemon Thyme Roasted Chicken Supreme, I got the Veal Loin and Danny ordered the Sea Bream.

The chicken was roasted as well as it could have been and still maintained a bit of juicy moisture in it.  I liked the skin of the chicken as it was crisp and tasted a little sweet from the lemon.

Wow!  I really enjoyed the sea bream!  The fish was so well prepared and the texture of the fish was perfect.  I really, really enjoyed this and wish I ordered it for myself to eat.

housemade chorizo, fregola, Malbec-stewed tomato, basil

crème fraîche whipped Yukon Gold potatoes, Northern Woods mushrooms, classic green peppercorn sauce

I ordered the veal loin.  It came as a beautiful presentation of colours on a plate slab that kept the meat warm.  I loved the creamy and flavourful crème fraîche whipped Yukon Gold potatoes (smoothest mashed potatoes I’ve had), the soft, creamy, and flavour-infused Northern Woods mushrooms with the classic green peppercorn sauce.  Everyone commented that the veal loin was very well done but I thought that the sea bream was still better tasting.  The veal loin was indeed very tender though!  I was a bit surprised that by the time I was taking the final bites of this dish, I was feeling full.  That is rarely experienced in a true fine dining restaurant in my opinion.

drunken cherries, apricots, aged balsamic, milk chocolate sauce

Last but not least, we enjoyed dessert.  Again, all of us ordered the Strawberry Pavlova while Calvin went the route of the Flourless Fudge Cake — this was great; we got to try more varieties of food!  The Flourless Fudge Cake arrived looking like the cutest thing in the restaurant.  It was small and very nicely plated.  I couldn’t stop exclaiming how cute it looked!  I tried a bite and it was very rich and soft — I realize that’s how most flourless cakes taste like now (remember the first time I had a flourless cake at Richmond Station?  — I hated it!)

Niagara icewine stewed rhubarb, lime Chantilly, toasted pistachios

The Strawberry Pavlova came as a mystery to some of us.  Its presentation was questionable with the strawberries strewn all over the top of the dessert and the pavlova crunched up into various shapes.  There was a really nice cream scattered at various parts of the plate as well.  If it wasn’t for the fact that I recently had a pavlova dessert (from Ruby Watchco), I wouldn’t have known that pavlovas taste like this.  It was crunchy and not too sweet which was perfect.  This was also a really nice portion of dessert as I felt very full upon finishing it.

various flavoured chocolates

Our friendly server surprised us with two final desserts — a long plate of various kinds of chocolates made in-house and also a final plate of cookies and cream chocolates.  Yum!

The first plate contained different-flavored chocolates like mango, key lime, peanut butter butter, caramel, dark chocolate ganache, and lychee.  My favourite was the key lime chocolate since it tasted the most unique with a hint of sourness to it.  I also enjoyed the dark chocolate ganache and peanut butter ones.  What a treat this was!

more chocolates!

Darker night, brighter lights

STOCK Restaurant’s logo… looks like a money sign lol

foodie friends 😀

We left the restaurant feeling satisfied and impressed with the food.  We took one last look at the bright skyline and left the Trump International Hotel & Tower.  This was a really nice Summerlicious fancy schmacy dinner.  I highly recommend this restaurant! 🙂

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