Kayagum Korean Restaurant

Located at 5460 Yonge Street in Toronto

I’ve been to Kayagum four times now!!  The perks of being backlogged on this blog is that almost a full month has passed from the point that I first stepped into Kayagum 24 Hours Korean Restaurant until now and in that span of time, I’ve returned again and again to dine here.  

Kayagum is located on Yonge Street and within walking distance to Finch Subway Station.  It’s a popular place to eat at since it’s very spacious inside and it’s open for 24 hours.  It’s one of the few Korean restaurants that is open all day and night.  It’s nicely decorated inside with a random spaceship toy stuck in the ceiling as if trying to escape and every table is equipped with a buzzer to ring up the server when you want attention (heh).

On my first visit, Jason, Andrew, and I had a late night snack.  I chose the sashimi appetizer and was SO impressed with how fresh and tasty the raw fish was.  The tuna was so incredibly smooth and fresh that I felt like I was back in Japan.  For a predominantly Korean restaurant that also serves Japanese food, this was so incredible for me to discover.

Due to that, a couple friends and I returned to this restaurant for lunch when we finished playing at Great Escape.  We are all huge sushi fans so we ordered a giant plate of sushi to share.  It was a beautiful selection that contained several different rolls.  I loved the rolls. 😀  However, I still really admired that sashimi I had on the first visit.

On my third visit, we were a bigger group and shared some Korean dishes together.  The thing I love about Kayagum is that they give you lots of banchan that is fairly different from other Korean restaurants.  I really liked the texture of the mashed potatoes and how the green peas were crunchy.

On the third visit, we each ordered our own dish.  I ordered the sashimi scallop roll.  I actually think this is the first time I’ve had such a big sashimi scallop in a roll.  It was cool to the touch and fresh.  It wasn’t as flavourful as salmon sashimi would be but it was still a yummy roll.  There was cheddar cheese melted on top of the roll too.

The service at this restaurant is good despite being such a large restaurant and also on a busy night where many of our team occupied all the tables in the restaurant.  I’m sure I’ll return again for more food.  A 24 hour restaurant that serves good food and has so much space for its customers is always going to be a popular spot. 🙂

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6 Responses to Kayagum Korean Restaurant

  1. andy1076 says:

    I love how everything is so cutely proportioned, good food and 24 hours! can’t go wrong 🙂

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