Snow Ice Dessert at Cha Me Cha

Located at 5369 Yonge Street in Toronto

Some of you might have seen my facebook picture of three mountains of what looks like shaven ice desserts on a hot summer day.  Well, here’s the review for the restaurant where I got it from! (I know, finally, right!).

After some fun at Great Escape, sushi at Kayagum, Marvin decided to take us out for dessert at Cha Me Cha where he said there was an amazing dessert we had to try.  



Small and cozy tea shop

We ordered three of these snow ice desserts, flavours in sesame, mango, and honeydew.  The names were so cute — Ugly Duckling, Green Tea Wizard, Purple Crystal, Snow White, and Frog Prince. Hehe.

At first, I thought it would resemble the ice shaving desserts I’ve had in Taiwan, but whereas those one are shaved ICE with flavoured sauce on it paired with fresh fruits, snow ice is when you shave frozen ICE CREAM down.  The result is beautiful layers and slivers of ice cream that is cold and flavourful.

Diana and I ordered the Mango Tango and the mango flavour was so rich.  This is a dessert you have to try for yourself in order to know what the texture and taste is like.  Mmm!  It’s not too sweet at all and tastes so fruity and fresh.  The sesame and honeydew tasted great too but I think the mango was a definite winner.

MANGO TANGO (Mango Snow Ice). $5.50
topping: mango jelly, ice cream, mango frubo, condensed milk

The mango and green apple ones had fruit jellies in it while the sesame one had mung beans.  It’s such a cheap dessert that is HUGE.  This isn’t something you can (usually) finish for yourself.  We each shared one for every two friends and it worked out great!

FROG PRINCE (honeydew snow ice). $5.50
topping: green apple jelly, ice cream, green apple frubo, condensed milk

THE UGLY DUCKLING (sesame snow ice). $5.50
topping: sweet peanut, ice cream, mung bean, condensed milk

Cha Me Cha also serves other Taiwanese drinks like bubble tea.  It’s a small, cozy cafe situated on Yonge Street and across the street from Kayagam.  Yum!  Try this place out! 🙂

Cha Me. Cha on Urbanspoon


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6 Responses to Snow Ice Dessert at Cha Me Cha

  1. andy1076 says:

    OMG the portions! 😍

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  4. Gordon says:

    Worst service restaurant ever

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