Richmond Court Restaurant

Located at 550 Highway #7 East, Unit A7-8 in Richmond Hill

Richmond Court is a Chinese restaurant that serves all kinds of Chinese dishes, fried rice, noodles, seafood, soups, dim sum, desserts, and whatever you want to eat at a Chinese place.  It’s popular and lots of people come here for affordable and good Chinese food.  

A group of us came here on two separate occasions and these are the dishes that we ordered.

Sweet and Sour Pork on Rice. $7

Melon Beef Rice. $7.75

Deep Fried Chicken (half). $10.99

Vegetable and Beef Rice Noodle. $7.75

XO Sauce Oyster. $12.99

Teppanyaki Short Ribs. $9.99

Red Bean Jelly Freeze with Ice Cream. $4.25 + $0.50

The service was fast and efficient here

Everything was really good!  I like eating in a big group of friends like this since everyone is super chill about what dishes to order (no one is picky) and the things that everyone chooses are great choices and delicious.  I also get to eat certain dishes that I haven’t tried in a long time since you tend to pick more dishes similar to your usual palate when dining with just several people.

On our second visit, we ordered six items for a combo which was $59 only.  So cheap to dine out with friends!

Steamed Fresh Fish

Diced Boneless Chicken with Chili Bamboo & Peanuts

Deep Fried Squid Tenacle

Beef Briskets with Turnip in Hot Pot

Soya Sauce Chicken (half) that came with the combo

Pan Fried Egg with Oyster

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8 Responses to Richmond Court Restaurant

  1. You make us sooooooo hungry every time with your delicious restaurant reviews! At the moment as we are on a very tight budget travelling around – food is such a luxury for us 😉

  2. Mike Gee says:

    Been a regular at this place (different location) for decades lol. Always decent food but crappy service.

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