Kenny’s Noodle [Defunct]

Located at 4733 Steeles Avenue East, Unit #7 in Scarborough

After our very first run-through of our TLS party, a couple of us gathered at Kenny’s Noodle for dinner.  I’ve been to Kenny’s Noodle in the past on multiple occasions and never really loved their food since it was mediocre Chinese food and lacked a little something in their food that made a returning trip really worth it.  

However, on this visit, the six of us shared five dishes that I was really impressed with!  We ordered the combo of five where we got to choose from a list of various dishes with Chinese soup to start too.

Here’s what we ordered:

I absolutely loved the fish fillet with tofu in a pot.  Having had that recently at Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant, I craved it and was so impressed with the quality at Kenny’s Noodle.  The fish fillets were soft and well flavoured.  It was so yummy!

Fish Fillets in hot pot

The “run away” chicken was good!  I always enjoy the green onions and ginger condiments that come with the blanched chicken.

“Runaway chicken”

We also ordered one of Carol’s favourites which was the sweet and sour pork.  This is such a classic Chinese dish! 🙂

Sweet and Sour Pork

We had a spinach and king mushrooms dish that was a solid 10.

King mushrooms and bok choy

We also had an egg tofu braised and broccoli dish.  I loved how the broccoli was soft and not too hard.  The pan fried egg tofu were sooo well done with the inside being super smooth.  I loved these tofus!

Egg Tofu braised with Minced Pork

So as you can see, this visit to Kenny’s Noodle redeemed my previous opinion of this restaurant.  Their food is rather good and the dishes came out very quickly too! 🙂

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4 Responses to Kenny’s Noodle [Defunct]

  1. Fred Chan says:

    Came here after reading this. I came with my friends and we got the fish fillet (from your recommendation 🙂 ) and the king mushrooms and the egg tofu with minced pork. We paired it with white rice, and we left very happy and satisfied.

    Thanks for recommending this place. I will continue to check out your blog.

    • stenoodie says:

      Wow, thank you so much for going with my recommendation and coming back to tell me. That makes me happy that I’ve helped someone somewhat with my food posts. 🙂 Happy dining!

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