Aragvi Restaurant’s new location in Vaughan

Aragvi located at 2006 Highway 7 in Vaughan

I had the pleasure of being invited to dine at Aragvi Restaurant again for the opening of their brand new location in Vaughan.  Remember when I first stepped into Aragvi in my first blog post review of them and commented that they serve delicious food but reside in an area that doesn’t look that nice?  Well, this new location is big and cozy and definitely an improvement from their old location.  

It’s right next to the Active Green & Ross

Georgian white wine

Shelley and I arrived on the opening day and were greeted kindly by Arik.  We chose an assortment of Georgian dishes on the menu, some of which were recommended by Arik.

We had some delicious Georgian white wine as well which tasted good and not too strong of alcohol.

Arik mentioned that their chicken soup was brand new, so we were treated to a portion each.  The bowl was huge!!  It was steaming hot and served with a minced chicken bun that was filling and delicious.  The soup was refreshing and not heavy at all.  There were four huge chunks of chicken in the broth as well.  Considering that this soup was only the appetizer and already such a big portion, I was wondering if we would be able to finish off the rest of the meal!

Chicken Soup. $7.50
chicken broth, dark meat, fresh dill served with a freshly made Georgian Pirajok (oven-baked minced chicken bun)

Yummy and hot minced chicken bun!

Kinzmari. $15
-a traditional Georgian seafood appetizer prepared with sturgeon, garlic, spices, fresh coriander, and dried bay leaves

The sturgeon cold dish arrived, and Arik had commented that this was a unique dish that not everyone would enjoy (it’s an acquired taste).  We both loved the dish and enjoyed how the sauce was a little sour as well.  It definitely opened up the palete and is a great starting dish.  It reminded me of the red herring dish that I tried on my first visit.  I especially loved the tarty and crunchy pomegranate seeds that decorated the appetizer.

Next up, we had a small order of the Penovani cheese pastry bread.  I am so glad that we only ordered a small order of this since it was very cheesy and filling!  It was delicious.  As a cheese lover, the gooey and hot cheese that melted out of the pastry was to die for! 🙂

Penovani (small). $3.50
-one of their most popular dishes, this authentic Georgian cheese bread is made with puff pastry dough & practically melts in your mouth

Just look at that gooey cheese!

Georgian Solyanka. $16
-a tasty dish made with fried onion, beef, pickles, olives, garlic and special Georgian spices. Served with home-made mashed potatoes

After all of that, you would think the meal would be over, but nope, our main courses arrived.  Shelley chose a beef and vegetable dish that came with a side of mashed potatoes (you could choose between that, rich, or potato wedges).  The beef was yummy and saucy!  The mashed potatoes were just okay; they could have been more smooth in my opinion. 🙂




Tabaka. $15
-a tasty seasoned Cornish hen made with garlic. Served with your choice of side dish (potato wedges here)

The Tabaka (which was recommended by Arik as his favourite dish) came with three sections on the plate: roasted chicken, tomato and cucumber salad, and potato wedges.  I do remember that the potato wedges that I had the first time with my beef stroganoff was better tasting as these ones were a little too soft and mushy.  I enjoyed the salad as the cucumber was very refreshing.  I really enjoyed the roasted chicken!  It was very tender and I wish I had more meaty pieces of it.  The dish also came with a little genie-like container that had ketchup/salsa on it.  It was a nice dish!

Close-up of the seasoned Cornish hen

Potato wedges

Napolean cake

At this point, we were both very, very stuffed.  I wanted to clear everything on my plate it was a little difficult since we had had so much food already.  Arik kindly cleared the table for us and served us dessert.

The dessert was Napoleon cake which I’ve tried on my second visit.  I loved how soft and chewy the layers were and it didn’t disappoint this time either.  Shelley really enjoyed it as well!

Red is their theme it seems!

Before we left, Arik provided me with a handful of the brand new 20% discount cards.  Guess what, stenoodie readers?  I can’t use all of these discount cards myself so I’ll be hosting another contest in the near future.  Stay tuned!  🙂

Thank you again, Aragvi Restaurant, for a wonderful delicious meal! 🙂

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FTC Disclaimer:  Although Aragvi reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting to review their restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.

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