Jade Garden in Mongkok (Hong Kong)

Located at Shop 803-803A, Level 8, Grand Century Place, Mongkok, Kowloon in Hong Kong

Jade Garden is part of the Maxim’s Chinese Cuisine group, a large corporation that owns many restaurants in Hong Kong.  My relatives and I had a ‘reunion’ dinner here.

Even the restaurant, Jade Garden, itself has many branches all over Hong Kong.  The one we dined in was located in Mongkok on the top level of Grand Century Plaza.  (Speaking of which, this shopping mall has gone through such a HUGE change since the last time that I’ve been here.  Everything is renovated to include so many more luxury stores than before and even the Food Court is super fancy.  Wow, it is so impressive how much money they can spend on changing the look in a mall in Hong Kong these days!)


Trying to take artsy pictures before my relatives arrived

Love their chandeliers and how spacious the restaurant is

If you can read Chinese, you’ll know what we ate for dinner

The dinner combo menu off which the items were chosen from for this meal were all in Chinese so I can’t really give you the names of the dishes that we ate that night unfortunately :/.  Therefore, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂

We started off with some appetizers that were already on the table upon sitting.  These were two small bowls of peas, gluten, and black fungus.  You had to pay for these appetizers lol.  If you didn’t want to pay for them, you have to tell them immediately when you sit down that you don’t want them, otherwise, they will still be charged onto your bill.  As you can see, we opted to keep them to eat. 😀


Unique vegetarian dish

We ordered quite a number of dishes to share among the ten of us.  They are your typical Chinese dinner dishes so I won’t talk too much about each one.  The most unique dish that left an impression on me were the fried vegetarian rolls that looked so nice on the plate.  They were filled with vegetables inside the thin but crunchy layer.  It wasn’t entirely delicious but worth mentioning because of its uniqueness.

I liked the Peking duck.  🙂

Peking Duck

We had eel, abalone with vegetables, sweet and sour pork, stir-fried shrimp and squid, a big platter of greens with yams, and a soup.  Yum!  The dinner combo also included beer or orange juice.  We all opted for orange juice.  🙂

Chinese dishes for the night

And that’s all!  Oh, and we were served dessert at the end but I neglected to take a picture. 0=)

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