Hong Kong Delights (Hong Kong International Airport)

Located at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), 1 Sky Plaza Road in Hong Kong

Oh, dear!  It turns out that I forgot to post one last Hong Kong restaurant that I had blogged about.  Whoops!  Here it is: (!)

One last meal before we fly out of Hong Kong!  We had our lunch at Hong Kong Delights inside Terminal 2 at the HK airport.  

As the name suggests, it features traditional style Hong Kong food.  You can choose from baked rice, noodle soups, vermicelli, rice noodles, Chinese dishes with rice, and so on.

Vegetable soup that came with the meal

Braised e-fu noodles with prawns in cheese & butter sauce

I chose something heavy — shrimp with e-fu noodle drenched in cheese sauce.  Actually, when reading the menu, I knew I wanted e-fu noodle but had never seen it prepared with shrimp or cheese before.  Cheesy shrimp e-fu noodle it was!  It wasn’t until it arrived at my table that I found out just how incredibly cheesy it was.  The amount of e-fu noodle was staggering as well!  I almost couldn’t finish this!

So in terms of quantity, there was definitely more than enough noodles, but the quality wasn’t the best.  It was just average and in fact a little plain-tasting.  The cheese wasn’t flavourful but was very creamy and heavy.

Ox tongue with rice noodle. HKD $32

My mom ordered a rice noodle soup with ox tongue.  The ox tongue was very tough and flavourless. :/

I love the design of the airport ceiling : )

All in all, the food was average.  There were a lot of people who dined in though!  The place was soon packed to the brim after we sat down.  You can take your pick of the restaurants in the airport if you decide on dining there. =]

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