OJA Restaurant, Korean and Japanese cuisine

Located at 689 Yonge St in Toronto

I’ve been to this restaurant countless times before!  This is an old favourite of mine that resides around the Yonge and Bloor intersection area.  OJA Restaurant serves a mixture of Japanese and Korean food.  I’ve been here for lunch, dinner, and also late night dinner as well.  These were the days where I used to work across the street at CCVS teaching court reporting. ^_^  

On this visit, we had just finished playing LockQuest and were in search of dinner.  We arrived here on a Sunday night as a table of six.  We had to wait before we were able to get the biggest table that was near the window in order to sit us all comfortably.  While we were waiting, we were sitting at the other tables.

I remember loving their unique rolls when I was here before and really enjoyed their chicken teriyaki as well.

On this visit, Betty and I shared the fried Korean dumplings that were okay — they weren’t anything too special.

Korean Beef Dumplings (deep fried). $3.95

Miso soup & salad that comes with combo

For myself, I ordered the Sushi & Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box Combo.  I was in the mood for sushi but also wanted to relive their chicken teriyaki because I did remember it as very delicious-tasting.

The combo comes with an miso soup and salad.  Both were mediocre and not particularly outstanding.  For my bento box, it arrived in a nice and uniform presentation.  Each section contained something yummy:  Seasoned glass noodles, fried tofu, rice, assorted sushi, chicken teriyaki, and of course, wasabi in the smallest container!

Sushi & Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box combo. $12.95

The glass noodles were yummy.  I really liked the sushi!  The chicken teriyaki actually disappointed me a little bit; maybe I had too high expectations for it from before.  The chicken teriyaki actually tasted a little bit cold/lukewarm and wasn’t hot as it should have been.

All in all, it was a fulfilling dinner.  I know for sure I’ll come to this restaurant again.  I haven’t tried any of their Korean food yet actually!

Oja on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to OJA Restaurant, Korean and Japanese cuisine

  1. andy1076 says:

    Oh wow for $12.95 that box sure has a lot :O

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