Winterlicious 2015 Restaurant #1: Moroco Chocolat

The Melteaser dessert

Moroco Chocolat located at 99 Yorkville Ave. in Toronto

It’s pretty surprising that I’m only going to two Winterlicious restaurants this time around in 2015.  I’m learning not to go overboard with eating out and it just so happens that I was leaving to go to Miami and an all-inclusive cruise trip a week later anyway so I don’t want to indulge too much here in Toronto before I leave. 😛  

Daphne and I made early reservations back in December once the Winterlicious menu came out and booked this lovely Friday night to chit chat and dine at Moroco Chocolat for our first Winterlicious dinner this season. 🙂

interior of Moroco Chocolat

A really classy place to dine at with a lover or a group of girlfriends 🙂

interior of Moroco Chocolat

Their ladies restaurant is really nice too!

Moroco Chocolat is a restaurant that specializes in desserts, pastries — macarons — lunch, and afternoon teas.  It’s located in the heart of Yorkville, a chic and classy neighbourhood in the heart of downtown Toronto.

When you walk into the restaurant, you actually first step into their patisserie first where lots of sweets and macarons are displayed.

Daphne and I happened to halve our mains and desserts and we were able to share each other’s selections in this way.

First off, I started off with the Tuna Tartare.  It arrived with a small side salad that was raw and fresh.  The crostini was crispy and covered with a bit of garlic/butter that made the flavouring come alive.  The tuna tartare was mixed with avocado.  The flavour was so fresh!  This was really well made tuna tartare! 🙂

Tuna Tartare

Tuna Tartare
-fresh diced Ahi Tuna on a bed of chopped avocado

Soup Du Jour

Soup Du Jour
-Cream of Mushroom

Daphne ordered the Daily Soup — cream of mushroom that she absolutely loved.  I took a tiny scoop to try and thought it was a bit watery and not creamy enough.  She was very impressed though!

For our mains, we shared the Truffled Mac and Cheese and the Artisan Beef Burger.

I’m usually not a huge fan of burgers at establishments like this but wanted to give it a try.  It came with thin sweet potato fries with spicy aioli sauce.  The first dipped fry took me by surprise as the sauce was supremely spicy but by the time I ate more, it was so delicious that I couldn’t get enough of it.

Artisan Beef Burger

Artisan Beef Burger
-white smoked cheddar, Dijon mayo on a toasted Bianco roll, served with sweet potato fries

The artisan beef burger contained a thick patty that was so good!  We both agreed that the bun was a bit hard to bite through but I thoroughly enjoyed this burger!  Who would have known?

Truffled Mac & Cheese

Truffled Mac & Cheese
-truffle bechamel, fontina and cheddar, topped with buttery panko

The Truffled Mac and Cheese arrived in a small hot dish and the same kind of fries that came with the tuna tartare.

The mac and cheese was crispy on the top and slightly creamy within.  It was good!  However, I’m glad that I got to share this with Daphne to try another dish as eating the mac and cheese alone would have been a bit boring — I like variety! 🙂




Funfettie Cake

Funfetti Cake
-a rich red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

For dessert, we also split our choices. So awesome! I chose the Funfetti, and after it arrived, I understood more of what it was called that name.  It is red velvet cake that came with a little macaron on the side!!  This was absolutely gorgeous and an icon of what Winterlicious meals are all about — quaint, fancy, delicious!

I certainly took about a million pictures before I was satisfied with what I had before eating it.

The cream cheese frosting was absolutely divine.  It was so good!  I was also happy to know what the red velvet cake was moist enough and was so good!

Lastly, I was very, very impressed with the strawberry macaron.  It was perfectly chewy and crunchy on the outside.  Perfection!

The little colourful sprinkles were awesome too! So cute. 🙂

apple gallete

Adam & Eve
-A warm apple gallete, served with caramel sauce and a side of whipped cream

The apple gallete contained a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the centre of a masterfully created and presented apple pie.  Daphne loved the crust and I liked the dessert overall.  The small apple slices were fresh.

Phew! You would think that after that we would be done, but nope! I had more food plans on my mind: one of the reasons why I desired to go to Moroco Chocolat this time to Winterlicious was because I found out that they are possibly the only restaurant in Toronto that serves the “Melteaser”, a chocolate ball that melts with hot chocolate to reveal hidden ice cream and berries!  Ahh, what a creation!!  I knew that I would be ordering this after the Winterlicious roster of food because I couldn’t see myself visiting Moroco Chocolat so soon again in the near future and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity of trying this one-of-a-kind dessert. 😀

So, I ordered it.  It wasn’t cheap at $18 but totally worth it for me.

When our server arrived, I told her I’d be filming it as it’s not every day that you get to eat something that looks like this! (See a short video here.)

how the Melteaser melts

The Melteaser. $18
-Pure Valrhona chocolate dome served with creamy chocolate ice cream and fresh summer berries — melted table-side with warm chocolate sauce

It was true to its creation and I was happy with what I saw.  The hot chocolate melted the ball of chocolate and opened up and blossomed like a flower to reveal its insides.  When it all fell apart, it was a dark pool of chocolate, berries, and broken-up chocolate ball flakes.  Wow.

Full video here:

This was served with a spoon so the first thing I did was starting to scoop up the dark chocolate to taste.  This was obviously high quality dark chocolate.  So yummy!!!

The flakes of the chocolate ball were also delicious and the raspberries were a good texture to combine with everything.  I can’t believe I finished most of this delicious chocolate pool all by myself!

Moroco Chocolat patisserie

Patisserie at the entrance of the restaurant

Sub'lime macarons

Samples of “Sub’lime”

Before we left the restaurant that night for good, Daphne picked up a few macarons for her dear.  We also got to try their mini macarons in the flavour of “Sub’lime”.  So smart of Daphne to ask since it was the end of day anyway! 🙂

If you’re a dessert lover and want to dine in a classy atmosphere, I’d highly recommend Moroco Chocolat.  Everything here was so delicious and the desserts definitely stood out from the rest by a long mile! 🙂  Happy sweets!

Moroco Chocolat

❤ chocolate lovers unite!

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7 Responses to Winterlicious 2015 Restaurant #1: Moroco Chocolat

  1. aleksawal says:

    Wow, looks and sounds so delicious! I hadn’t heard of this place but will have to get it out now.

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  3. Riz says:

    I went to Moroco Chocolat back last summer. It was delicious (but pricey!). I definitely want to go back to try out The Malteaser, it looks like an experience!!


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