Yan Can Cook at FMP

Located inside First Markham Place (3255 Highway 7 East) at the food court

I have to highlight this little popup restaurant/shop which is in the food court of First Markham Place.  You wouldn’t think food court food to be outstanding (also this place), but this place called Yan’s Cook is a place I return to time and time again.  

First off, I come here for their big and fluffy fish meat siu mai.  It’s made of fish meat!  It’s fairly gigantic and when you eat it with some soy sauce and chili oil, it is out of this world.  It’s definitely one of my fav snacks and guilty pleasures in this mall. 🙂

Fish Sui Mai

Lunch Special: Hunan Beef combo with wonton soup, vegetable spring roll, egg fried rice. $6.50

On this visit, we also ordered the Hunan beef and rice lunch combo.  Lunch is soo affordable and it comes with a wonton soup, spring roll, and rice too.

I was so happily surprised when the egg fried rice turned out to be super soft and delicious.  The hunan sauce drenched the beef pieces and veggies a little bit but I still really enjoyed the meal.

Loved the saucy beef and soft rice!

So delicious, cheap, and fast! 🙂  You have to try their fish siu mai if you haven’t already! 🙂

I went there recently and they have changed their name again!  They are now “Yan Can Cook”.  XD

Yan Can Cook

– – –

January 27, 2019:

Yan Can Cook has increased their fish sui mai prices to five pieces for $3.50.  On this visit, I tried the rice noodles and the imitation shark fin soup.

The soy sauce rice noodles weren’t as delicious as one food Instagramer makes them out to be, but for $350, they’re a cheap and filling snack.  The imitation shark fin soup was all right for $2.

Imitation shark fin soup and rice noodles

Imitation shark fin soup and rice noodles

Rice noodles

Rice noodles

Yan's Cook on Urbanspoon



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4 Responses to Yan Can Cook at FMP

  1. Howard says:

    I agree, the fish sui mai is really good, but I have never try thier food. There’s just too many restaurants in Markham, Scarb and Richmond Hill to consider eating food court food (unless its chinese BBQ). Every time I come to Toronto I always buy 3 dozens frozen ones back home. I wish Chicago had more HK style street food. So missing it right now….

    • stenoodie says:

      You are missing out, Howard! Next time you are in Toronto, you gotta try some food court shops. They are better than some restaurants! (Otherwise I’d never be blogging about them!)

      • Howard says:

        I certainly will try for 1 lunch at a food court stall when I come this summer. BTW, can you recommend a good place where I can get a good dry beef chow fun with really good wok hay? Thanks in advance!

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