Amazing Carribean & Chinese Fusion Dinner at Patois

Located at 794 Dundas Street West in Toronto

I’ve been missing these awesome foodie nights.  Thank you Jen for bringing them back! 🙂

Jen organized a night of Carribean and Chinese fusion eating at the restaurant called Patois.  It is located by Dundas and Bathurst and easily accessible via the TTC.  We had reservations made and we were very attentively looked after that evening by a friendly and very smiley waitress that night.  If all servers who worked in restaurants were this happy, we would all dine happy. 🙂

The restaurant was packed and very lively

What does “Patois” mean?

We knew ahead of time that we would be trying the Jerk Lobster (ohhh I was soo excited for this!).  We also ordered lots of dishes to share.  I was beyond excited!

First off, we ordered a round of drinks.  Jen and a couple of our tablemates made a grear decision of ordering the coconut and rum, in which the drink was actually a real coconut with a shot of rum to pour into the coconut juice.  I should have ordered this unique drink to try out for myself too but I am not the biggest fan of coconuts.. even though I absolutely love coconut water.  It is an added bonus that after the drink is done, you can use a spoon to scrape the coconut meat out to eat.  Yum!


Coconut & Rum. $14
Raspberry Fizz. $13

Asian-inspired plates

For myself, I ordered the raspberry fizz.  It sounded great to me when our waitress described the list of drinks to us that evening but it turned out to be a very small glass of juice.  It had tea-infused vodka in it which was interesting to say the least.  However, that coconut and rum would have been a great choice.




Jerk Chicken Chowmein. $17
-crispy HK style noodles, oyster sauce, shiitake

Our food arrived!  We expected our kimchi potstickers appetizer to arrive first, but instead, the Jerk Chicken Chowmein was the first.  It was a huge lovely portion and perfect for sharing for the five of us.  (It was also lovely to discover that we were all foodies at heart and took millions of pictures of the dish before we commenced eating — the camera eats first!).



Gorgeous crispy noodles

The crispy chowmein was indeed crispy.  It was topped with scattered chicken pieces and there was a pool of jerk sauce underneath it.  The crispy noodles were crunchy and the noodles went really well with the chicken and sauce.  The jerk sauce was a tad spicy and perhaps even a little over-salty for some people.  I really enjoyed it though even though I only occasionally eat chowmein.

Kimchi Potstickers “Pierogi Style”. $11
– caramelized onions, bacon, kimchi sour cream, scallions

Next up, we had our Kimchi Potstickers.  I liked how some of the dishes were placed in obvious old-school-Asian plates.  It was a nice touch!  The Kimchi Potstickers were a huge heap that sat in the centre of the plate and covered by sauce.

After pulling one apart from the pile, one potsticker resembled a perogie and tasted like one too.  The meat inside of it was firm and the kimchi sour cream was pretty good but not spicy at all.


Chinese “Pineapple” Bun Burger. $13.50
-double smashburger, oyster sauce mayo, hickory sticks, festival dumpling battered onion rings

We ordered two sets of the Chinese pineapple bun burger and shared it.  It came with fluffy and big fried onion rings which tasted very dough-like.  It was good and not as oily as most onion rings are.  It would have tasted great with the sauce that was on the kimchi potstickers.

The pineapple bun was such a nice touch to the burger.  It made it taste so good because the sweet bun was soft and tied the flavours of the double-patty burger together well.  (For those of you who don’t know, a Chinese pineapple bun actually does not contain any trace of pineapple whatsoever; it is merely the namesake of the bun since the top of contains a pineapple shape).

O.G. Fried Chicken & Watermelon Pickle (full order). $18
-Thai basil and sweet sriracha

The full O.G. Fried Chicken (O.G. stands for “Original Gangster”) sat as five pieces on a pan with three “sauces”.  One was a ketchup-like sauce, one contained slices of soy-saucy dicon, and the other one was tiny cubes of watermelon.  So interesting!

The fried chicken was solid.  It was moist inside (so important) and not rough or dry.  It was lacking flavour a little bit but I was happy that it wasn’t dry or rough.  I liked it!


Jamaican Oxtail Ramen Lo Mein. $18
-scallion, bok choy, pickled ginger

I really liked the Oxtail Ramen Lo Mein.  Lo mein is usually saucy and this one was really good ramen that was saucy.  It was very delicious.  The oxtail pieces were also significant and sooooo soft to the bone.  The only downfall was its size; this dish was a midget compared to the Jerk Chicken Chowmein!

The Shelter Pork Belly was a tiny dish also.  It resembled a starter dish if it weren’t for the bowl of rice that accompanied it.  I absolutely loveddd the seasoning of the pork belly and how it tasted great.  It reminded me of salt and pepper seasoning.  The Japanese rice was also solid and went well with the seasoning bits.  Yum!

Typhoon Shelter Pork Belly. $17
-wok fried, crispy garlic, chili, scallion, jasmine rice

Last but not least, the feature star of the night was the Jerk Lobster.  Weighing at only a pound or so at $40, it was a relatively small crustacean.  We were provided with the clamps and shell-crackers to eat this monster.

Prosperity Jerk Lobster. $42
-stir fry with jerk butter

I found that the lobster was very well done and its meat was moist but that the jerk seasoning didn’t reach the actual lobster meat very much.  It was still a great dish though!  I highly recommend :).

Coco Lime Sorbet. $7

We still had room for dessert, or at least the girls did. 😛  I ordered the Mango Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast (so unique eh) and Jen ordered the Coconut Lime Sorbet.

Her Coconut Lime Sorbet was great!  It truly embodied the sour lime taste and was absolutely refreshing!  Jen didn’t like the licorice that was in it though; the flavour of it was too strong.

My Mango Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast was very nicely presented.  It almost looked like a fine dining dessert.  It was topped with sugar and tasted more like bread/toast than cheesecake.  The little mango bits were great!  It was still a great dessert but not as unique as the Sorbet.

Mango Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast. $7

A perfect foodie night!

All in all, this was an amazing foodie night that included it all — alcoholic drinks, a slew of appetizers, mains, and desserts.  What more can I ask for? (A bigger stomach probably).  I can’t wait for more of these fulfilling foodie nights again! <3)

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  1. andy1076 says:

    oh wow what a feast :O

  2. Mr. Atheist says:

    Seriously?!? My mouth is watering!!!!

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