K & K Cafe Restaurant [Defunct]

[Update July 2, 2018:  I am so sad that this HK style cafe has closed. 😦  It’s replaced by a vegetarian hot pot restaurant.]

Located at 420 Hwy 7 in Richmond Hill

I’ve said this many times, but simple is best!  Who knew that this little HK-style cafe embedded in the middle of the plaza where Omei and McDonald’s is would be so delicious!?

This restaurant, K&K Cafe Restaurant, didn’t even have a listing on urbanspoon until I posted it up and is definitely a restaurant that you would underestimate.  

Upon walking in on a Friday afternoon, there was a gentleman server who tended to our table closely from start to finish.  You could tell that he was very hardworking at his job because he kept in close proximity of the tables and was ready to clean your table of any empty plates.

One of the menus

The menu was chock full of goodies.  They not only serve full breakfast, lunch (including noodles, rice, sandwiches, soups), but they also have set dinners for two, three, four, and more.  I was impressed with the variety.


My mom and I ordered a curry chicken ball rice and Singapore vermicelli to share.  The curry chicken rice was part of the all-day menu and came with a soup and drink.

The soup was disappointing on sight because it wasn’t filled to the brim of the bowl (you could see a significant gap between the soup and bowl).  However, the soup itself was simple and tasty with veggies and meat.


Fried Vermicelli in Singapore Style. $6.99

This is where the amazing part of the restaurant comes in.  The Singapore vermicelli was huge!  It was a mountain of vermicelli, shrimp, egg, BBQ pork, and sauce all mixed together.  Why this dish is so memorable is that I haven’t had a truly spicy Singapore vermicelli in a long, long time. Singapore vermicelli SHOULD be spicy but all of the recent ones I’ve had were devoid of spice.  This one at K&K was definitely authentically spicy!!  Yum!!



Curry Chicken Ball with Rice. $7.99

Next up, the chicken curry rice was also impressive.  I was also amazed at how large the portion was.  There’s no way that one person could finish all this comfortably..

Again, most HK-style cafes serve curry that is saucy but not spicy (what gives!?).  This dish of curry chicken was the bomb!!!  It was saucy, the curry was spicy and mixed so well with the chicken, and the chicken pieces were lightly fried, significant portions, and not fatty.  Win win win!!


Low-key restaurant

I can’t believe how good the food here was.. this small restaurant is unbelievably overlooked!  Do give this place a try and let me know what you think! 🙂

Since I loved this restaurant sooo much, we actually went back the day afterwards for more food (it was also in the area too) — new favourite restaurant! 😀
We ordered two noodle soups.  I got the S2 Preserved Pickle & Shredded Pork with Vermicelli in Soup and mom got the one as part of the daily specials.

Noodle in soup with Minced Pork in Guilin style. $6.50

The Noodle in soup with Minced Pork in Guilin style was really good and I liked how the pork was semi-spicy.  It looked great too!

Preserved Pickle & Shredded Pork with Vermicelli in Soup. $5.50

Mine was absolutely amazing too and reaffirms why this hole in the wall is a must-visit.  The vermicelli was moderately soft and the toppings were ample.  There were so many sliced carrots, preserved vegetables, bean sprouts, and pork.  It was delicious and a staple bowl of true comfort food.  It reminded me of my mom’s home cooking.




The Borscht soup was pretty good but I’m still curious why they only fill the bowl halfway?

I also loved that even though how everything was so delicious, we didn’t feel thirsty afterwards which meant there was no MSG being used.  Yay! 🙂

K & K Cafe Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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6 Responses to K & K Cafe Restaurant [Defunct]

  1. andy1076 says:

    Preserved pickle & shreded pork vermicelli has always been my favorite dish, I could have it every day of the week! 🙂

  2. Howard says:

    After reading your review I added this restaurant to my list to try while in Toronto. The Singapore vermicelli is one of my favorite dish and it did not disappoint. It was exactly as you described, very spicy (the way it is suppose to be made and the way I like to eat it). I also ordered the pineapple bun with butter. This was one of the best pineapple bun w/buttered I have ever had! The bun came out warm and oozing with melted butter. This is how I always thought a pineapple bun w/buttered should taste like, but I could never find it until now. I will definitely be back for the pineapple bun as I can’t get anything close to it here in Chicago. Another great recommendation!

    • stenoodie says:

      Wow, now you got me wanting to try their pineapple bun next time! Yes, it is so wonderful to find a good solid Chinese restaurant that is so affordable too! This is very much a hidden gem. 🙂

  3. Pingback: Surely Up Vegetarian Hotpot | stenoodie

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