Folco’s Ristorante

Folco's Ristorante storefront

Folco’s Ristorante located at 42 Main St Markham N in Markham

The other night, Angel and I had our long-awaited catch-up dinner at Folco’s Ristorante, an Italian restaurant I’ve always wanted to visit.  This restaurant has shown up in the restaurant searches when searching in the Main Street Markham area.  The restaurant occupies a building that resembles an old house or resident on Main Street (partly why this area of town is called Main Street — because it resembles a little village).  Don’t get confused though.  This restaurant is located in the Main Street North and not the other Main Street that a near Highway 7.  I made the mistake last time when I visited Rawlicious which is just up the street and Angel also mistook this restaurant as belonging to that Main Street too.

On this Monday evening, we were one of the two first tables to arrive for dinner, but as the night went on, there were more diners that filled up the tables around us.  Also, there was a private function that was celebrated in the adjoining dining room.

inside of Folco's Ristorante

The gist of their dining room closer to the end of the night

Our server for the night was incredibly friendly, cheery, and welcoming.  She exuberated such sweetness and friendliness that it was it was hard not to smile back.

Angel and I ordered 2 mains from their dinner menu.  There weren’t too many options and most of the price points are of the higher range.  A dish was around $15-25 and dessert cost $6-10.

Bread and olive oil in wooden basket

Awesome bread basket that the server refilled for us too

Seeing that I was in an Italian restaurant, I definitely wanted something of the pasta variety.  I opted for the lasagna as I hadn’t had it in a while.  Angel chose the other appealing option, the Fettucine Vegetable Bolognese.

We had a hefty bread basket that arrived with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and also butter as well.  The bread was good solid bread!

Very quickly after the bread basket arrived, our entrees arrived.  How fast!

Our two dishes were steaming hot but also interestingly looked the same.  It would be hard to discern which one was which since the colour was the same.


Lasagna. $19
-7 layers of fresh pasta, mozzarella, bolognese sauce

I dug into my lasagna and found that it was much mushier than the usual type of layered meat dish.  The cheese was really chewy and good and the tomato sauce was more than sufficient.  I didn’t discern much meat in it though, and after going past the halfway point of this lasagna, I definitely found that the pasta layers were very mushy and melded together.   Actually, this lasagna was made with bolognese sauce and not meat — no wonder it was so saucy!



Fettucine Vegetable Bolognese

Fettucine Vegetable Bolognese. $19
-forest mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers made into a hearty meatless bolognese sauce

Angel’s Fettucine Vegetable Bolognese didn’t look all that appealing either.  The strands of fettucine were all chopped up and looked dry.  Angel commented that it was indeed dry.  We both agreed that this place was overpriced and didn’t taste very good.

While Angel opted for an after dinner tea ($3), I opted for a dessert.  I chose the Torta Ni Nona lemon sponge cake.  My first choice was their tiramisu as I wanted to see how the classic Italian dessert fared here, but unfortunately they didn’t have it on this night.



Torta Ni Nona

Torta Ni Nona. $10
-lemon sponge cake, mascarpone layer, icing sugar

The Torta Ni Nona lemon sponge cake was bigger than I expected and looked homemade.  The lemon sponge cake was very smooth and pretty good.  I just found that it was a little colder than I expected.  Perhaps lukewarm cake would have been better.  I really liked the whipped cream though as it was so smooth and not too sweet at all.

All in all, I loved the service that we had on this night and the restaurant is great for a casual chat after dinner as the ambiance is not loud at all.  What’s your opinion?  Have you been to Folco’s Ristorante before?

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