Delicious Gelato at Kekou Gelato!

Located at 13 Baldwin Street in Toronto

Yay!  I finally got to try Kekou Gelato!  I’ve heard many positive and rave reviews about this place from my friends.  This is a little gelato shop that serves gelato on Baldwin Street in Toronto.  After our highly disappointing dinner at Ramyun next door, we came here for some refreshing dessert.

Their entrance is unassuming and if it weren’t for a little sign on the top and on the side that shows their signage, you wouldn’t know that they are the popular Kekou Gelato place.  When you walk into the shop, it is cozy and homey; almost like you just stepped into someone’s living room.  They had many servers ready to take our order but Priscilla and I took some time to look over their gelato flavours and to sample a few.

So many delicious Asian-inspired flavours!

Kekou Gelato is known for their unique Asian flavours of gelato like HK milk tea, Vietnamese coffee, and durian!  I actually tried these three flavours and was so impressed with how much they tasted like the real thing.  Not only did they resemble what they were made to taste like, but it was actually so delicious too.  Yum!  I also tried the soursop as it was unique.  I truly wanted to try all of their flavors, but I felt bad for using up so many little plastic spoons and I think that wouldn’t have been so nice of me either.

The gelato that they make here doesn’t taste as smooth as ‘traditional’ ones because they don’t use any stabilizers in their ingredients.  It actually tastes more like creamy ice cream.

Look at all the flavours! (More flavours to the left side)

Oh, I also tried their new flavours Tsing Tao Peach and Roasted Oolong Tea.  Both were very both and the oolong tea tasted like the actual tea itself.  How do they do it?!

You can get your gelato in cups or in waffle cones.  Their waffle cones are actually flavoured!  You can get it in plain, seaweed, or sesame.  I finally decided on the one I liked and I had a scoop of durian gelato in a sesame waffle cone.

Durian & Roasted Oolong Tea Gelato
-1 scoop in seasame waffle cone = $3.75 + $0.25

Durian Gelato on a Seaweed Waffle Cone

Their waffle cones here aren’t very big, but it was a good portion (compared to my recent visit to The Big Chill, these cones are cute and small).  They also have a little Chinese lucky cat sticker on them too.  So cute!

In a matter of minutes after getting our gelato and enjoying it, we saw the shop turn from empty to full!

Their simple and homey storefront

They have only a few stools and a small seating area inside the restaurant.  Otherwise, you can sit outside in front of the shop where they have a few seats.  Priscilla and I enjoyed our gelato inside as it was raining a little bit.  We watched as the shop turned from empty (with us being the only customers) to being full and crowded in a matter of minutes.  This place is popular!

Even though I didn’t try every single flavour, I’m pretty certain that all of their flavours are absolutely delicious.  If I was a way to transport their gelato home in a jiffy, I could enjoy this all the time!  I know my mom would love the durian one too. 🙂

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