Ice Cream at The Big Chill

Located at 566 College Street in Toronto

Apparently, The Big Chill‘s been around for over a decade and is an old fixture in the College and Bathurst area in downtown Toronto.  After an amazing meal at DaiLo (you need to try this place!), we headed for dessert here.  It was a chilly night but it was warm inside this ice cream parlour.

The Big Chill looked like an old-fashioned ice cream parlour and they are distinctively decorated with cow-themed merchandise all over the place.  It’s very cozy, cute, and definitely characteristic.

Retro-style ice cream parlour

It’s so warm and cozy inside!

We all opted for a fresh waffle cone to go with one scoop of ice cream.  It was my first time here and I was excited to try it out.  Yay for friends who know great food places and bring you along! ^_^

Look at all the flavours! ^_^

Before we ordered, we got to sample their ice cream (you have to ask!).  I was very intrigued with the watermelon ice cream as it appeared red and also had black dots in it that looked like watermelon seeds.  But how could that be?  I tried a sample and apparently the black “seeds” are chocolate covered oatmeal!  So cool!  I really liked the tangy watermelon ice cream together with the chocolate bits.

Jen’s Strawberry and my Funky Chunky Chocolate

In the end though, I went with a classic and love of mine — chocolate!  I chose their “Funky Chunky Chocolate” with a waffle cone.  They make all their waffle cones fresh!  You can see them taking out the hot waffle from their waffle maker and shaping it into a cone before scooping in your ice cream of choice.  After that, they also top it with a mini Oreo cookie.  So cute!

We all tried each other’s ice cream with the sample spoons that we got.  Yum!  What a cute ice cream stand as well.

Big Chill Strawberry + Waffle Cone
$3.95 + $1

Funky Chunky Chocolate + Waffle Cone
$3.95 + $1

Expresso Robusto, Mango Ice (Sorbet), Strawberry, Funky Chunky Chocolate all in Waffle Cones. 

Unfortunately, mine was the only waffle cone that wasn’t sealed properly at the end so mine was dripping chocolate ice cream out.  I really liked my Funky Chunky Chocolate as it was super rich and dense chocolate.  Yum!

What I also really liked was that the waffle cone was hot.  It was so fresh from the waffle maker that the waffle cone was still warm in our hands!  It was soft and it hardened up as you ate the cone.  I remember the time that I had a similar fresh waffle cup at Marble Slab and the waffle there definitely wasn’t as tasty and as good as this one.

Loved this ice cream parlour

They have a ton of choices too! Next time, I can try their Belgian waffles perhaps

Cow-themed merchandise everywhere!


What a great sweet ending to a great night!  The Big Chill also serves crepes, Belgian waffles, smoothies, sundaes, banana splits, milkshakes, frozen yogurt, drinks, and other sweet treats.  They also have ice cream sandwiches too!

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