Las Vegas Eats 2015: Cravings Buffet

Located at 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard S in Las Vegas

After our very first day at the Las Vegas 2015 Bootcamp, we had a team dinner at Cravings Buffet which is located at the Mirage Hotel.  It was a little bit of a trek to speed-walk there from our hotel at Ballys and we were a little short on time.

We got there and we were able to sit together in a long table that one of our partners had helped us reserve.  Thank you!  It was a pretty good deal too!  We were able to get a weekend dinner discount for 10% off (it is usually $34.99 per person; we got it for $24.49 per person).

Large sign welcoming you into the land of all-you-can-eat food!

I remember the Spice Market Buffet that we went to last year in Vegas and remember really enjoying it.  Las Vegas buffets are really something else.  There is so much variety of food that you cannot finish everything for sure.

International foods available

At Cravings, I chose a variety of food to eat from their 11 cooking stations.  They have pizza, steak, salad bar, seafood, sushi, anti-pasta, different cultures and cuisines, and just so much!  Here are just some snapshots of my plates.

Just a snippet of the food stations

Juliana raved about that guacamole

Their place is huge too!

Huge buffet!

What I really enjoyed about Cravings were their desserts.  There was an entire section of them and endless selection.  Vanessa and I decided to share almost half of the selection that was offered.  It was so good! 🙂

These pictures don’t do the dessert station any justice

This chocolate mousse was delicious!! Really soft chocolate swirls



Nice night to eat out with the team 🙂

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Cravings Buffet at The Mirage


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