Las Vegas Eats 2015: Blizz Frozen Yogurt & Crepes

Located at 3645 Las Vegas Boulevard South in Las Vegas

On the second and final day of our Las Vegas 2015 Bootcamp, instead of eating at the food court for lunch, we chose to eat at Blizz Frozen Yogurt & Crepes instead.  This is actually a dessert shop located right next to the food court at Ballys where we had been eating lunch the previous day.  I like trying out new restaurants and eateries and since I’ve already eaten at two places at the Ballys food court before, I really wanted to try this dessert and crepes place that was off to the side — I was eyeing it on the first day already :D.

Blizz located inside Ballys on the lower level next to the food court

Blizz Frozen Yogurt & Crepes has four other locations in Nevada as well as three locations in California (so far).  When we first arrived there, there was no line-up.  Since they serve both sweet and savory crepes, Vanessa, Juliana, and I decided to share two savory and one sweet crepe for lunch. 🙂

We picked the Alfredo and the Fitness for savory crepes and the Strawberry Royale for the sweet crepe.

Sweet and Savory Crepes! 🙂

Here is where my review gets a little interesting.  I noticed that the man stationing the cashier spot wasn’t very pleasant towards me when I placed my order.  It wasn’t anything he said but his actions that were a little rude.  Instead of handing me my change in my hand, he placed it on the table even though I had my hand outstretched to receive my change.  This was a minor thing, but when I look back on this experience, it adds up because the next encounter with the person who was making the crepes was also an unpleasant one.

This was my first picture before she noticed that I was taking pictures…

After I placed my order and paid, I went over to the part of the restaurant where they make the crepes in front of you.  It is a clear plexiglass corner where you can see the “crepe chef” making the crepes in front of you.  Naturally, this means that anyone can see and view the crepe making-process.  As per usual, I raised my camera to take a picture of the process.  The lady working there immediately said “No videos!” in an unnecessarily harsh tone.  Well, I wasn’t taking a video.  I was taking a picture and I told her so.  She didn’t seem very pleasant and I was unnerved at this because their crepe-making place was out in the open.  If they didn’t want anyone taking videos, maybe they should have a sign out front that says so.

This lady freaking out because I was taking pictures even though there was no sign telling customers that they can’t take pictures of the transparent crepe-making area

In any case, I waited the period of two more crepes before mine was done.  It wasn’t fair.  The people who placed their orders got their crepes before we got ours.  Why?

When I was waiting on Vanessa’s crepe to be made, I was at the crepe station again and overlooking the process.  It’s fun to watch how crepes are made!  That’s why they have a clear plexiglass station for you anyway.  At this point, when I raised my camera to take a picture of the crepe-making process again, the same lady screeched out “No pictures!”.  What gives?!  First, you said no videos despite no sign proclaiming this “rule” and now you say no pictures?  It was ridiculous.  In this day and age, when a customer takes a picture of your food, you should be grateful because they might be using it on social media which would in turn help out your business =  free advertising.

Thus, before I even got my food and tasted it, I was not fond of this place at all.  Unfortunately, the crepes were also quite bad.

The Alfredo. $12.95
-grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, creamy alfredo sauce

The Alfredo crepe contained grilled chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, and creamy Alfredo sauce.  The crepe itself wasn’t good because it was very dry.  The entire crepe didn’t seem heated up properly because the mozzarella cheese didn’t even melt and the Alfredo sauce wasn’t steaming hot considering it had just come off from the stove.  This was a very bad crepe that was flavourless and dry. 😦

The Fitness. $12.95
-sauteed mushroom, baby spinach, skim mozzarella

The Fitness was chosen by Juliana and was a vegetarian savory crepe.  It contained sauteed mushrooms, baby spinach, and skim mozzarella.  Again, it was very dry, lackluster, and not good at all.  Because the mushrooms and spinach didn’t contain much flavour themselves, there was nothing in this crepe that gave the entire crepe any flavour.  It was also a very bad crepe.


Strawberry Royale. $11.95
-sliced strawberries with Nutella & chocolate dizzle

The Strawberry Royale was a sweet crepe that contained sliced strawberries with Nutella and chocolate dizzle.  This one was okay since it was sweet and it’s hard to go wrong with strawberries and chocolate.  It was a moderate crepe since the crepe skin itself wasn’t very delicious.

All in all, the sweet crepe tasted just average and the two savory crepes were very bad.  Bad crepes are not delicious at all.  Add that with the terrible service that I received and I really don’t recommend this place at all.  Mind you, I haven’t tried their other specialty which is the frozen yogurt, but this place definitely left a bad impression on me.  First impressions and how you treat your customers are SO important!

I’ll never forget this experience

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  1. gchan7127 says:

    Wow, they were so rude! She should have made it clear if there weren’t any pictures and videos allowed.

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