Las Vegas Eats 2014: Spice Market Buffet

Located in Planet Hollywood
3667 Las Vegas Boulevard S

On the second last night of Vegas, the entire team celebrated with one of our biggest leaders, Max Chen, at Spice Market Buffet, one of the buffets in Vegas (and coincidentally also again in Planet Hollywood).  It was an international buffet that spanned food offerings from different nations like Mexican (tacos, baked beans) Italian (pizza, pasta, lasagna), Asian (sushi, rice), Middle Eastern/Mediterranean (humus, skewers, marinated olives), American (fried chicken, BBQ ribs), seafood, soup, salads, and more.  

Since we were such a big group, we got split into smaller tables.  There was indeed quite a lot of food selections, but only a couple of things stood out in my mind.

My plate of food

We really, really enjoyed the Stuffed Sole.  It doesn’t look that appetizing (that big thing on the top that looks like a bun), but it was the softest and creamiest mashed potato-like stuffing inside a circle of sole.  The sole was perfectly cooked too and the whole thing was delicious. 😀

They had fried chicken in little baskets and buckets that wins all presentation points (so American), but where the chicken was dry inside.

I also really enjoyed the beet cubes in a little glass that had cheese in it.  SO good!  I also liked the smoked salmon pasta and Middle Eastern offerings.  Because Vegas is quite hot and we had been eating quite a bit on the trip, my appetite wasn’t huge.  I didn’t eat as much as I probably could have.

Beets with cheese, fried chicken, more food!


In terms of the dessert, I was disappointed about how everything seemed to come in a cupcake form.  All the red velvet, chocolates, vanilla, and whatever else were all in cupcakes.  That’s so boring.  Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy the dessert station very much which is a shame.  It was fun that they served cotton candy on a stick though. 🙂


Dessert station with cotton candy and soft-serve ice cream

All in all, Spice Market was okay.  They also offer all-you-can-drink for $12 if you wanted alcohol.  Vivian got red wine and said it was pretty watered down.  I think Spice Market is a mediocre ‘international’ buffet where it serves a little bit of everything, but it certainly wasn’t amazing.

Spice Market Buffet on Urbanspoon

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6 Responses to Las Vegas Eats 2014: Spice Market Buffet

  1. andy1076 says:

    oommmgggg…I like you a lot Karen but now you’re being cruel with all these Vegas treats! no fair 😛

  2. AnnR says:

    I agree with you Karen. Spice Market buffet’s food is mediocre and their service is terrible! It was not an amazing place for the price.

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