The True North Burger at South St. Burger

Located at 169 Enterprise Blvd in Markham

I’ve been meaning to try a burger from South St. Burger and finally had the chance to do so when Jessica and I went for a weekday lunch.  Yay!  They had just opened a new location at the Cineplex Markham & VIP location in Downtown Markham.  

South St. Burger is a burger franchise with many locations all over Canada and Dubai.  They serve gourmet burgers that are grilled to order of 1/3 lb. pure beef with no hormones, additives, preservatives, fillers, or antibiotics and assembled with fresh ingredients.  Essentially, they are a fast food take-out place and they have tables for you to dine in at.

South St. Burger — so bright and spacious inside the new Cineplex centre

Since the Cineplex Markham & VIP building is so new (it opened in time for the Toronto Pan Am 2015 Games), South St. Burger is also a very new shop that glistens with a “newness” and brightness to it.  There were a few people lining up already on this weekday lunch hour but we didn’t have to wait very long for our burgers after we placed our orders.

The newest location of the SSB chain

Lots of fresh ingredients

Their condiment station is fully stocked!

I wanted to try their Signature Burgers and got The True North Burger while Jessica got The Hawaiian.  I got mine with a side of fries too and gravy! 🙂  Jessica got a Pralines Milkshake as well.

The Hawaiian (4 oz). $6.85
-ginger glazed pineapple, bacon, lettuce, wasabi mayo, hot pepper relish

Hand Scooped Milkshakes. $4.75

What a cool food tray!

Hand-Cut New York Fries (regular). $3.50
+$1 for Gravy

I like attention to detail and like how the food tray was in a round circle and there was a informative sheet of paper covering it that showed some of the burger ingredients they have.  The fries were not bad; they came from the New York Fries company.  The gravy was very hot and tasted much richer than I like.  It was very, very rich but not flavourful enough for my taste; I wanted some actual beef flavour in there to compliment the richness.

The True North Burger contained cheddar cheese, bacon, maple syrup infused onions, and their signature sauce.  What I was really judging them for was their patty.  It was a fairly thin beef patty and I expected more out of this “gourmet burger” joint.  I remember having a wonderfully delicious burger at Big Jack’s not too recently with Jessica and remembered that burger with such fondness because it was so juicy, fresh, and delicious.  This signature burger at South St. Burger reminds me more of a fast food company for sure because the burger wasn’t very substantial and I couldn’t taste the freshness from it.  It’s great that it’s grilled fresh to order, but there was something lacking in here.  The bacon in it was good and the burger was a good size.

The True North (4 oz). $6.85
-cheddar cheese, bacon, maple infused onions, signature sauce

All in all, I wouldn’t say that I was very pleased with my first experience trying South St. Burger out.  I’d have to give them another try at some point in the future to really confirm my relatively disappointed opinion.

What do you think?  Have you been to South St. Burger before?  Did you like their burgers?

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12 Responses to The True North Burger at South St. Burger

  1. andy1076 says:

    It’s definitely comfort food for TO’s nasty winters huh! Too bad the patty let you down though, looked good 🙂

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