Brunch at Cora’s (Richmond Hill)

Located at 16 Vogell Road in Richmond Hill

I haven’t been to Cora’s for brunch for a long time so I picked it as a catch-up spot for Tracy and I on a beautiful sunny Sunday in mid-October during the long weekend.  The first time I went to this location of Cora’s was when I used to live in Richmond Hill last year.  It was actually the weekend after I went to this spot for breakfast with my mom that I started to seriously blog about the restaurants that I dined at on this blog.  It’s been a little more than a year since then!  

I’ve always had high regards for Cora’s until someone recently complained about the high prices that Cora’s breakfasts have.  I was excited to dine here for breakfast/brunch again and relive my pleasant experiences here.

Cora at 16 Vogell Road (same plaza as Turtle Jack’s and Taste of Mediterranean)

On this morning, I wanted to have something meaty and so did Tracy.  She pointed out the Morning Hot Dogs and I was immediately intrigued by it as well and so we both ended up ordering the same thing.

Tracy got a freshly squeezed fruit juice to start:

Fresh fruit juice

The Morning Hot Dogs contained Frankfurters, bacon, and melted cheese which were rolled in crêpes and served with roasted potatoes.  You could add $2.25 for some spicy or regular hollandaise sauce, which Tracy did.  She ordered the spicy version.

I was excited to see what it would taste like because the picture looked amazing.

When it arrived, I saw this:

Morning Hot Dogs. $8.45
-Frankfurters, bacon, and melted cheese, rolled in tasty crêpes. Served with roasted potatoes. Spicy hollandaise sauce. $2.25

What the picture in the menu showed

Needless to say, I wasn’t very pleased.  It looked nothing like the picture of the dish in the menu.  The hot dogs were just plain regular hot dogs wrapped in a thin crêpe (nothing “tasty” about that) with a thin layer of processed cheese that wasn’t thoroughly melted.  I couldn’t taste much of the bacon either.  The potatoes were so-so and the hollandaise sauce that came as a side in a dish wasn’t even spicy — only a little bit as an aftertaste.  I was very disappointed with this.  I guess I should have kept my expectations low?

There weren’t many people here on a long weekend Sunday

I like their decorations — so colourful, bright, and family-oriented

I always remembered Cora’s as having beautifully set breakfast plates that were colourful with fruit on the side.  After this visit, I’m not that pleased anymore.  When go to another Cora’s in the future, I’ll compare again, but after this recent visit, I really have appreciated my visits to Eggsmarts — they were actually really good in comparison!

What do you think?  Do you like Cora’s?  If so, what is your favourite dish to order? 🙂  (Oh, I remember now — I used to love their Eggs Benedicts!)

Cora's Breakfast & Lunch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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