Thai Purple Cabbage Bowl from Fresh City Farms

Thai Purple Cabbage Bowl Recipe Bag from Fresh City Farms

Thank you to Fresh City Farms for contacting me and providing me with three recipe bags so that I could try out their service and recipe bags!  Fresh City Farms is a service that delivers farm fresh, local,and organic groceries in the GTA!  They can include recipes in the delivery where you can make your own dish according to the instructions (this is similar to Chef’s Plate that does the same!).  I selected a meat, fish, and veg recipe bag.  In this blog post, I’ll be reviewing the veg recipe bag that I got: the Thai Purple Cabbage Bowl with Tempeh and Sesame Seeds.  (I will be reviewing the meat and fish dish later this week.  Stay tuned! :))

The entire bag of groceries arrived in a nifty and environmentally friendly tote Recipe Bag.  I was so excited when my doorbell rang and this was left on my doorsteps.  Everything was protected inside using individual cooler bags, ice packs, and are all 100% biodegradable packaging.  I love that! 🙂

All three recipes and ingredients came inside this tote bag!

The Thai Purple Cabbage Bowl with Tempeh and Sesame Seeds recipe bag contained everything that I needed make the dish.  On the recipe card, it called for a time estimate of 25 minutes to prep and make the dish and would serve 2 people.  Yay, cooking!  I like to try new recipes like this since everything is already bought and the recipe is straight forward!

Ingredients for the Thai Purple Cabbage Bowl

Recipe card!

I followed the instructions to a T.  Here are some of the pictures that outline my prepping and cooking process: :3

Rinse purple cabbage and dice

Cut tempeh into strips

Organic black rice ramen noodles!

Boil noodles until al dente


Make the Thai sauce using organic ingredients! 😀


Time to stir fry!

All the ingredients frying time for 4-5 minutes

Eating time!  Now that everything was cooked, I was so excited to sit down and try out this dish.  I don’t think I’ve ever had tempeh before and the fact that we were going to eat organic black ramen noodles excited me a lot too.  I absolutely loved the fact that every single ingredient was organic or freshly grown in the GTA.  These are really high quality ingredients and hand-picked produce! 🙂

Time to eat! I forgot to save some of the organic sesame seeds to sprinkle on top :/

All of this makes two servings! 🙂

I tried my best to replicate how the dish looks on the recipe card, but it’s a little hard since I’m not a top chef, haha.  Anyway, I really liked the organic black ramen noodles!  They were very good and quite thin yet firm.  The Thai sauce was perfectly spicy; just a little bit but not too much that you couldn’t eat it at all.  The slices of cabbage were not too much and you couldn’t taste it too much within the noodles.  Tempeh was an interesting first for me.  It is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia.  Since it was cut into slim blocks, I don’t think it absorbed too much of the sauce and I could really taste the soy taste.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the tempeh but it was also very unique.  It also reminded me a little bit of cheese!

All in all, I was very impressed with this Thai Purple Cabbage Bowl recipe and loved the noodles and the fact that I got to try something new like tempeh!  I was so excited to try the next two dishes!  Stay tuned for the next posts! 🙂

Happy cooking and eating! 🙂 Thanks Fresh City Farms!

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Fresh City Farms reached out and provided me with a complimentary package to review their services, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.

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    wow this looks delicious! never had black ramen before 🙂

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