Rustic Tuscan Sausage Stew from Fresh City Farms

Rustic Tuscan Sausage Stew from Fresh City Farms

The second Recipe Bag that I tried from Fresh City Farms with compliments was a meat dish called Rustic Tuscan Sausage Stew with White Beans & Spinach.  As I mentioned in my first feature of Fresh City Farms, they are a delivery service of fresh, organic, and locally sourced produce and ingredients with recipes that you can make at home.  Their farm is actually located in Toronto at Downsview Park (a six acre farm and a 3000 square foot year-round greenhouse space).  I had a pleasure of trying this Recipe Bag and cooking this hearty stew at home!  

Here are the ingredients that I got in the Recipe Bag.  Again, I was very impressed that every single ingredient included in the environmentally friendly tote bag was organic and/or locally sourced.  It made for a happier and healthier meal knowing that my food was not GMO or transported from afar (more nutritious and natural that way).

I love how everything is fresh and organic!

Another photo with the pork sausage and the diced up vegetables! 🙂

ORGANIC Mild Italian Pork Sausage
-antibiotic and hormone free

Rustic Tuscan Sausage Stew recipe card

Since this was a stew recipe, the time that the instructions called to make it was a little longer:  about 45 minutes.  It served two.

The instructions are rather simple.  All you have to do is chop up the produce beforehand, prepare the stew with the ingredients in a big pot, cook the sausages, simmer the stew, and then serve.  It was such a hearty meal!

There was more than enough stew for more people’s worth, making it a very filling and hearty lunch for my mom and I.  Delicious!  I liked that the Ciabatta buns were multi-grain and complimented the stew perfectly (they were from ACE Bakery).

Rinse and drain organic white beans

Saute and cook veggies until tender

Cook pork sausage thoroughly

Add all ingredients into the pot and boil! Simmer, simmer simmer! All for 20 minutes or so

Add in the spinach last and stir for another 5 minutes. Then it’s done!

This makes two servings

Since the stew contained tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, celery, spinach, onions, garlic, beans, sausage, and Parmesan cheese, it was a very rich stew.  It was so delicious.  Even the Parmesan cheese that was grated on top of the stew at the end was organic (a first for me I believe!).  It was so cheesy and melted perfectly into the stew.  It was such a healthy and colourful stew.


Lovely toasted multi-grain Ciabatta buns

This filled me up! A great lunch!

Absolutely delicious and filling!

I highly recommend trying this, especially on a cold autumn or winter day!  Thanks again, Fresh City Farms, for allowing me to try this Recipe Bag! 🙂

Stay tuned for my review of the third Recipe Bag that I received.  This time, it’s a fish dish!

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Fresh City Farms reached out and provided me with a complimentary package to review their services, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.

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