Treetop Trekking in Stouffville with the Mon Sheong Youth Group!

Treetop Trekking Stouffville

Treetop Trekking in Stouffville!

Last weekend, 20 of us at the Mon Sheong Youth Group gathered together at the Stouffville location of the original Treetop Trekking adventure park to go treetop trekking together!  I really enjoy treetop trekking and had been treetop trekking two previous times before (you can view my posts about those visits here and here).  

After my second time treetop trekking, I realized that the obstacle course and the people that you go with on the adventure park are both very important to how much you will end up enjoying the experience.  If the obstacle course is too demanding or intimidating, then you will feel unconfident when you are tackling the challenging levels.  If the people that you go with are not very supportive or encouraging, when you encounter the challenging levels, the lack of support and camaraderie makes it a very isolating experience.

 Treetop Trekking Stouffville

Treetop Trekking in Stouffville

Fortunately, this time that we went treetop trekking in Stouffville contained moderate and not-too-challenging games and friendly teammates which made it a fun and highly enjoyable experience! 🙂

 Treetop Trekking pamphlet

This is the original treetop trekking adventure park!

 Treetop Trekking Stouffville check-in desk

Check-in desk

At Treetop Trekking Stouffville, there were five aerial obstacle courses ranging from beginner to advanced with suspended bridges, Tarzan swings, swinging logs cable traverses, and zip lines!  There was a big zip line at the “Monarch Zip” that was very enjoyable.  I found that this park contained more variety in their games than the previous places that I’ve been to and they were really fun!  For example, the Tarzan swing was especially different and a little scary to get on the log to “swing” over to the other side and the one that resembled a “surfboard” as you waited for it to carry you from one side to the other was also unique.

Our booked play time at Treetop Trekking was from 2-5 p.m. on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in June.  We all arrived by 1:45 p.m. to sign in, pay the Mon Sheong organizers, sign our waivers, and so on.

 Getting harnessed

Getting harnessed

 harness selfies

Selfies as we were getting ready

Once everyone had signed in, we proceeded to be harnessed up and get ready to climb!  I was familiar with the safety harnessing and I found that the female staff did a very thorough job in helping us make sure that all of our equipment was snug and fitted well.  She made us perform several “finger” tests to ensure the straps around our thighs, waists, and helmets were all properly secure.

 Treetop Trekking group photo

Group photo with everyone ready to start climbing the trees!

 Treetop Trekking photo contest

Treetop Trekking’s photo contest. How fun!

 treetop trekking practice area

The orientation practice area

She continued to do a very thorough job when guiding us through the safety orientation.  I appreciated that she made each of us do a “pretend fall” and watch to see if we could all successfully get back up on to the lines again.  The previous treetop trekking places didn’t have us do that, if I remember correctly.  In treetop trekking, she said that there were only three rules:

  1. Never let the cables be unattached.
  2. Never, ever let the cables be unattached.
  3. Never, ever, ever let the cables be unattached. XD

She was a very good teacher and guide during the safety orientation to make sure that we really were well informed of the risks and safety procedures while climbing that day.

 Treewalk Village

Walking into the woods and passing by the Treewalk Village for little kids

 treetop trekking

This was the central area for the obstacle courses

After the safety orientation, we proceeded to the wooded area where all of the five aerial obstacles were.  Each of the five obstacles was named after a bird, like the first beginner one was called “Pewee”.  Treetop Trekking Stouffville has its designs in mind for kids and is a family friendly adventure park so I could see where these names would be a good idea.  There was an opening in the middle of the forest where all of the five aerial obstacle courses converged.  There was a seating area and large wooden table too for you to leave your water bottles and belongings behind.  (I believe at the second treetop trekking place that I went to, they were more strict and didn’t allow you to bring anything with you at all and you had to finish all of the three courses before you could go on to the gigantic zip line at the end as a final “hurrah”.)  Here, you could essentially mix and matched to choose what obstacle you wanted to go on after the initial beginner ‘Pewee’ one.

 treetop trekking

Different courses had different names of bird names

We all started on the ‘Pewee’ obstacle course first and it was fun!  The cables were a little hard to attach and re-attach sometimes since they got stuck in my gardening gloves (good thing I brought them though because I think gloves are so necessary when climbing).  It just took me longer to get myself attached and re-attached since the clips had to be turned before you could un-clip them.  (These seemed more secure than the other places that didn’t have to be turned before unclipping them.)

We also went on the Pine Warbler and Meadowlark (and Monarch Zip) obstacles, so we completed 4 courses that day!  We didn’t get a chance to try the Barn Owl one.


 treetop trekking Stouffville

Absolutely great summer day to do this!

 treetop trekking Stouffville

Simon above the trees

 treetop trekking Stouffville

Thank you for this great shot, Jimmy!

 treetop trekking Stouffville

Haha, crouching and trying to walk across these zig-zag wooden logs

 treetop trekking nets Stouffville

I loved these net games!

 treetop trekking Stouffville selfies

Selfies before we started each obstacle

 treetop trekking Stouffville


 treetop trekking Stouffville

The second big net I came across. It felt so cozy in there like I lay down and take a nap XD

I also liked how at each zip line part in the obstacle, there was a staff member/guide there to make sure that you were doing everything correctly.  It really helped to know that there were staff there available for help at any time.

By 5 p.m., we had just completed our last obstacle and were ready to leave.  Most of us were really tired already!  We took one final group shot before we all headed our merry ways towards home.

Thank you, Mon Sheong Youth Group and MSYG Committee for setting together this event.  It was so fun and definitely a great way to exercise and work out as well! 🙂  (For $25 for safety rental gear, play time, and entrance was an extremely good deal!  It normally would have been $56 for the zip line aerial game trek.  Lots of parking available onsite too and you can even rent their space for barbeques!)

 treetop trekking group photo Stouffville

Final group photo before we left

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