Union Summer Food Market on Front Street

 Ice cream chimney cone

Ice cream chimney cone at Union Summer at Front Street!

This year’s Canada Day long weekend started with a visit to the Union Summer food market on Front Street in Toronto!  I had heard about this food market in front of Union Station last summer but actually never ventured around that area of the city in order to check it out.  This year, I was able to swing by and experience it for myself!  

Union Summer food market runs daily from June 27 to September 5 and has 21 different food and drink vendors with live music and a fresh produce marketplace.  (This one is actually not the same as the food market last year.)  You read more about it here at this blog.

Union Summer Front Street

Union Summer located at 65 Front Street West in Toronto

 Union Summer food vendors

Union Summer food vendors

 Union Summer program

Union Summer program

 Union Summer food vendors

Food and drink vendors!

 seating at Union Summer

Decent number of tables and seating available

 seating at Union Summer

Gorgeous day to unwind after a day at work

There were many vendors from food to drink and most of which I recognized from prior restaurant visits or food events.  Here are some of the photos of the vendors that are at Union Summer:

Momofuku Noodle Bar Toronto

Momofuku Noodle Bar Toronto

I’ve been to Momofuku before, but those when my pre-blog days. XD

 Heirloom, Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pilot Coffee Roasters

 Death in Venice

Death in Venice

I briefly encountered a taste of Death in Venice’s gelato while at the Silver Spoons event this year.

 Urban Herbivore

Urban Herbivore

 The Carbon Bar

The Carbon Bar

BAR By P&L Catering

BAR By P&L Catering

 The Burger's Priest

The Burger’s Priest



I’ve had the delicious fried chicken from Gushi before!

 Grand Trunk Road

Grand Trunk Road

 Loaded Pierogi

Loaded Pierogi

I have eaten at the Loaded Pierogi restaurant before.

 Fancy Franks, Oats & Ivy

Fancy Franks
Oats & Ivy

 Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat

Oh man, I absolutely love the soft crab burger and lobster roll from Fresh Off The Boat!  I was very tempted to get this again since they were right there… however, something else lured me in more.  Keep scrolling. 😉

I tried out some of the sample salsa dips that they had in front of Mad Mexican.  I really liked the bean salsa and the pica de gallo.  Thanks for letting me try one of each! 😀

Mad Mexican

Sampling salsa from the Mad Mexican

Eva's Original Chimneys

Eva’s Original Chimneys

Grace and I strolled around the food market before we decided on what to get.  While she lined up at True True Pizza to get a slice of pizza, I spotted Eva’s Original Chimneys and knew that I had to get one to try.  I had seen this ice cream filled ‘chimney cone’ dessert all spring and summer this year and still hadn’t tried it yet.  They usually operate out of a food truck and travel to various venues in the Greater Toronto Area.

Thus, I braved the line-up and paid $9 for one of these original chimney cone desserts.  It was a real cream filled baked cone with a strawberry on the side.  After waiting in line for almost 10 minutes and placing my order, I waited for another 15 minutes before I got my cone.  Eva’s Original Chimneys had the longest line-up.  I think everyone had a same idea as me; they knew this was a popular and trendy dessert right now and just had to try it!

Keep Calm and Chimney On shirt

Their shirt “Keep Calm and Chimney On”! XD

 Chimney Hungarian pastries

These are Hungarian pastries that are made on rotisserie grills!

 #OGChimneys menu

Chimney cones and cakes

Eva's Original Chimneys menu

Closer look at their menu and prices at Union Summer

 line-ups at Union Summer

This was the line-up I was in while waiting to place my order

Berrylicious Chimney Cone

This was the Berrylicious Chimney Cone that someone else had in hand. $10
Nutella and local berry compote

After we got our food (thanks for waiting for me, Grace!), we sat on the terrace to enjoy our treats.  The soft serve ice cream was really smooth and had a great vanilla taste.  When I got to the cone part, it was very crunchy and it was hard not to get my mouth covered with some of the cinnamon on the sides.

Chimney Cone

Yay! I got mine 😀

 Original Chimney Cone

Original Chimney Cone. $9
-Eva’s freshly baked cone filled with real cream soft serve

This cone was actually really large and I was getting full as I ate to the bottom of it.  Grace said she noticed that some people only finished the ice cream and then threw the rest of the cone away.  I’m so glad that I persevered though and got to the bottom of the cone because there was a small ball of decadent chocolate on the bottom!  This was a sweet surprise (literally).  I also really enjoyed the rest of the cone even though I felt full in the middle of it.  I am so glad that I got to try this now, but I do think it is a bit of a hype.  It is really just soft serve ice cream in a creative cone.  I think though it was definitely a great treat on a hot summer day. 🙂  I would try get it on a day where I am craving it.. I would try The Dream Cone next time.  It looked good with chocolate and a salted caramel brownie on it!


The chocolate ball found at the end of the chimney cone!

Thanks to Grace for taking this photo for me as I was eating this… my hands were sticky from the melting chimney cone. XD

I tried a bite of The Aristocrat pizza that Grace got from True True Pizza and I really enjoyed it!  It was so thin and it tasted so light! 🙂

True True Pizza

True True Pizza

The Aristocrat from True True Pizza

The Aristocrat. $12.95
-Classic Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, Garlic Confit, Pesto, Arugula, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Parmesan

True True Pizza box

Such a cute box!

Have you been to Union Summer yet?  If not, it’s here until September 5 for you to try any food or drink from the vendors! 🙂

 Hashtag Union Summer

Hashtag Union Summer! Great photoshoot spot 😉

(Something made me think about the Sweetery Toronto Food Festival last summer, and I actually got a chance to try the chimney cinnamon cone last year actually!  I didn’t even realize it.  I only tried a small bite-sized portion of the Cinnamon Sugar Chimney though and that was also when Eva’s Original Chimneys hadn’t released their Chimney Cone series yet so that’s why I didn’t remember much about it.)

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