Maker Festival 2016

 Maker Festival 2016

Maker Festival 2016 located at the Toronto Reference Library at 100 Queen St W in Toronto

Thanks to Eirene who let me know about the Maker Festival in Toronto, I was able to experience it for the first time! :D.

The Maker Festival is held yearly in Toronto at the Toronto Reference Library (in the heart of downtown Toronto), a huge open public space, where various schools and innovators gather together to showcase their latest projects ranging from jewelry to fabrics to 3D printing to buttons to drones to robots and more.  The best part about this festival is that it is all arts and technology based and 100% hands on!  Thus, the name “Maker” ;).  (And needless to say, the admission is free!)

 Maker Festival 2016 poster

Maker Festival 2016 poster

 Maker Festival 2016 phamphlet

Maker Festival 2016 phamphlet

I arrived here quite late on the first day of the festival this year.  It was held on July 9 from 10 to 5 p.m. and July 10 from 9 to 5 p.m.  I arrived after brunch right at 4:40 p.m. and was absolutely amazed and impressed with how much there was to see!

There were over 150 booths of all types of arts and technology.

I knew I wanted to visit Eirene’s Hide & Seam booth before the festival closed up so I zigzagged through some of the booths, stopping by quickly to snap photos and Boomerang videos.

I saw several neat things, one of which included this Coffee Drip Printer and cute robot that responded to its surrounding sounds and movements.

Wow, really cool!  It was fascinating to witness the technology and toys that the current generation of kids and youngsters get to grow up with.

Finally, I reached Eirene’s booth.  She specialized in making origami out of leather!  When she first told me about it, I had never heard of such a thing and was instantly riveted.

At her booth, she had her leather origami creations on display.

The hands-on part of her booth included making and customizing your own leather luggage tag!  Even though it was getting close to the closing time, Eirene prepped one for us — I also bumped into Rosa and Anna! 🙂

I chose purple ink for my luggage tag and then hammered in letter of “stenoodie” into the tag.  It was simple and very fun! 🙂

I was so glad that I got to experience my first Maker Festival! 🙂  I previously didn’t know about it at all.  It was perfect for kids to see and play around but I really enjoyed it too as a young adult.  I wonder how they currently advertise or promote their festival — perhaps they can play around more on social media to let more people know about it.  It definitely is a festival worth spreading the word about!



 Maker Festival 2016

View from the second floor


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  1. gchan7127 says:

    Wow! I’ve never heard of it! That’s so cool!!!

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