Kam Lo Dessert

Kam Lo Dessert

Kam Lo Dessert located at 50 Mei King St, To Kwa Wan in Hong Kong

Sept 22, 2016 – Kam Lo Dessert 甘露甜品

After our lunch at Kings H. K. Style Cafe, Willa and I walked a few blocks over to a well known old-school Chinese dessert shop called Kam Lo Dessert (甘露甜品).  This was definitely a classic and traditional Chinese dessert shop from the look of it.  Kam Lo Dessert also sold congee, “car noodles”, and street eats in addition to desserts.
Their walls were plastered with Chinese columnists and articles praising their desserts as well as menus written in Chinese.

It was a very classic Chinese old dessert feel and not something that you get to experience very often nowadays in our modern world.

Kam Lo Dessert 甘露甜品

Inside Kam Lo Dessert 甘露甜品

Kam Lo Dessert 甘露甜品

View from inside the dessert shop

We simply ordered two classic desserts, Sago Pudding (西米露 “Sai Mai Lo”), from the lady who had just opened up the shop.  She was very friendly and talked to us for a bit as she shuffled around the shop getting ready for the day.  We were her first customers of the day.  She told us that we were lucky to be there since she had been away in China the past week visiting relatives for a family wedding and it was her first day back at the shop.

Sago Pudding

Sago Pudding (hot). $16 HKD

Sago Pudding

Sago Pudding (cold). $16 HKD

Sago Pudding

Sago Pudding — one hot, one cold

Willa ordered a cold one while I got a hot one.  The Sago Pudding was pretty good.  However, I do have to say that it wasn’t the bestest Sago Pudding I have ever had.  It was nice to experience such a homey dessert Hong Kong shop regardless though.

We left after we finished our desserts.  The lady definitely wanted us to order more and try their signature street eats but we had only come for dessert.  What a nice piece of Hong Kong history here! 🙂



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