Sichuan Kungfu Fish

Sichuan Kungfu Fish

Sichuan Kungfu Fish located at 9021 Leslie Street, Unit 4 in Richmond Hill

Sichuan Kungfu Fish (麻省理功) is a bit of a hidden gem if you like Sichuan and spicy food as much as I do.  It is located on Leslie Street north of Highway 7 in Richmond Hill in the Fusion Place plaza where there is also a Chi Star House and Day & Night Angus Beef Hot Pot restaurant.  This restaurant is fairly new as I don’t recall seeing it half a year ago.  

The interior of the restaurant was incredibly cozy and featured warm tones, glass-stained hanging lamps, dark furniture, and pillows with the American flag on it.  It’s the perfect place for you to dine in with at least four people so that you can all share a steamed tray of fish to eat.  I only knew about this restaurant from multiple waves of word of mouth: I found out about it from my mom who found out about it from a friend through her banker.

Sichuan Kungfu Fish storefront


Sichuan Kungfu Fish interior

The inside felt so cozy and comfortable!

We were here for lunch and were able to take advantage of their lunch combo for 2 people which included a full steamed tray of Alaska cod fillet — you could choose the type of fish (or vegetable), the type of sauce — rice, Sichuan kimchi, cabbage, and a drink.  It was really worth it all for just $19.99!!  What a steal!

Sichuan Kungfu Fish bowls

Even their bowls have their name and logo

Sichuan Kungfu Fish Lunch combo menu

Lunch combo menu

Sichuan Kungfu Fish menu


Sichuan Kungfu Fish menu

Menu page 2

Sichuan kimchi

Sichuan kimchi

We selected the “hot pot tofu” sauce to go with the fish.  This sauce had three chillies displayed on the menu.  I was really excited to try this since the photos my mom had showed me of the food when she visited looked so good.  You could also add additional toppings into the tray so we added black fungus, luncheon meat, and lotus root for $1.99 each.

First, we received a plate of Sichuan kimchi and our cold beverage.  By itself, the Sichuan kimchi was very spicy despite it being sour and pickled.  I realized afterwards that this was best eaten with the spicy cod fillets because its pickledness helped immensely to reduce the spice from the hot pot tofu sauce.

 Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Your choice of beverage included with the lunch combo

Alaska cod fillet in hot pot tofu

Alaska Cod Fillets in Hot Pot Tofu. $19.99
-black fungus, lotus root, luncheon meat added

Very quickly, our two-person tray of Alaska Cod Fillet arrived on the table.  This hot pot tray was in the shape of a fish!  How cute!  There was a flame applied underneath for the food to boil and to keep it hot throughout the meal.  The cod fillets themselves though were already cooked and you could eat it right away; this wasn’t a typical hot pot type of meal where the ingredients in the pot arrive raw.  As the flame continued to heat up the food, the spicy oil became hotter and hotter so beware of that.  (We used a spoon prior to eating to scoop out some of the spicy oil so that our tray wasn’t TOO spicy as we continued eating. 🙂 )

This was an incredible meal!   It was one of the best meals I’ve had.  The Alaska cod fillets were sliced thinly and very meaty.  The chunks of tofu were piled on top of the fillets with lots of green onions.  The luncheon meat was hidden away under the fillets with some black fungus and lotus root sticking out from the pile.

I can’t even describe to you how tasty and incredible this was.  The “hot pot tofu” spice was definitely strong and worth the three chillies indicated on the menu.  If you cannot take spice, don’t order this!  However, I found that as I kept eating more and more off of the tray, I was able to get used to the heat.  The pickled kimchi helped reduce the waves of spice too.  In addition to it it being delicious, it felt like eating a bottomless tray of steamed fish!  They didn’t just include just one fish’s worth of meat in the dish but they had sliced multiple cod fillets to put into the dish.  Yummy!!  (No bones at all since these were all fillets.)

Alaska Cod Fillets in Hot Pot Tofu

There were so many slices of the fillets too!

Alaska Cod Fillets in Hot Pot Tofu

The cod fillets were delicious as were the luncheon meat that soaked up all of the sauce

Alaska Cod Fillets in Hot Pot Tofu with rice

This meal has to go with steamed rice! Steamed rice helps to soak up the spicy oils as you eat

Alaska Cod Fillets in Hot Pot Tofu

Another look at the fish-shaped tray. Amazing!

We definitely couldn’t finish the entire tray of food so we packed the rest home.

I already know that I want to and will come back to this restaurant to try their other flavours.  In addition to the Hot pot tofu (3 chillies) sauce, they have:  Peppercorn spice (3 chillies), Chopped chili 2 chillies), Curry (1 chili), Black bean, Pickled cabbage, Ketchup, and Teriyaki.  Those that like really spicy “water boiled fish” will like the Peppercorn spice I imagine.

They also serve cold meatballs on skewers that you can self-serve for just 99 cents.  There was one patron who kept returning to the table to eat more and more of these skewers.  I will want to try these next time. 😀

 Meatballs and skewers

Meatballs and skewers. $0.99

It was so exciting to discover a brand new restaurant with such great food!  It was so fun to eat everything off of the steamed tray too — hot and fresh! 🙂

Sichuan Kungfu Fish offers free wifi to their customers too.

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