Choi Fook Eky’s Banquet

Choi Fook Eky's Banquet

Choi Fook Eky’s Banquet located at 2/F, Nathan Square 348 Nathan Road, Jordan in Hong Kong

Sept 23, 2016 – 彩福欣宴 Choi Fook Eky’s Banquet (Choi Fook Wedding Banquet Group) 佐敦彩福皇宴

This was the beginning of many dim sum lunches and restaurants that we went to on this trip to Hong Kong in fall of 2016. Choi Fook Eky’s Banquet, as the English and Chinese name suggests, is a venue that is fit for couples to get hitched but also serves as a restaurant for dim sum and dinners.  On this day, my mom, my aunt, and uncle, and I dined here early in the morning.

We ordered a lot of dim sum to share, including their specialty dim sum selections since apparently Choi Fook is an award-winning dim sum specialist! 🙂

As you can see, their venue was gorgeous and classy; definitely fit for wedding celebrations! 🙂

Choi Fook Eky's Banquet interior

The interior — so pretty!

Love this purple theme!

Here were their dim sum menus:

Choi Fook Eky's Banquet dim sum menu

Award-winning dim sums!

Choi Fook Eky's Banquet dim sum menu

Dim sum menu

Choi Fook Eky's Banquet dim sum menu

Morning dim sum menu

Choi Fook Eky's Banquet dim sum menu

More dim sum

They held the 2013 – 2016 “Best of the Best Culinary Awards Gold with Distinction Award”.

Choi Fook Gold with Distinction Award

2013 – 2016 “Best of the Best Culinary Awards Gold with Distinction Award”

This is what we ordered:

We started off with some steamed Black Pepper Vegetable Buns 生煎胡椒菜肉包.


Black Pepper Vegetable Buns 生煎胡椒菜肉包

These were really good!


The inside of the Black Pepper Vegetable Bun

Stuffed mushrooms 瑤柱蒸鮮釀冬菰:



I’ve never seen BBQ pork cheong fun (rice noodle) presented like this.  This was so creative!  翠玉瓜叉燒腸粉



Yummy and delicious Salted Fish Steamed Chicken on Rice 咸魚雞粒蒸飯.


Salted Fish Steamed Chicken on Rice 咸魚雞粒蒸飯

Black truffle scallop dumplings! 黑松露帶子餃


Black truffle scallop dumplings 黑松露帶子餃

Crispy thousand-silk spring roll with cheese. 芝心海皇千絲春卷.  2013「美食之最大賞」至高榮譽金獎


Crispy spring roll 芝心海皇千絲春卷


The full plate with garnish

Delicious and beautiful.


So finely crafted

Sakura Dried Shrimp Thin Pancake.  櫻花海皇蝦煎薄罉  This was really good!


Sakura Dried Shrimp Thin Pancake 櫻花海皇蝦煎薄罉. $22 HKD

The piece actually is bigger than you think.



Baked taro squares

Baked taro squares

Turnip pastries!  Delicious.

Turnip pastries

Turnip pastries

The restaurant is located on the second level.  There is a escalator and elevator that you can take.

Choi Fook Wedding Banquet

The storefront of the restaurant on the ground level

The dim sum, while some simplistic, tasted really good!  The award-winning ones were so fun to try too!

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