Wow! Sushi in Markham

Wow! Sushi food

Wow! Sushi located at 15 Karachi Drive in Markham

Wow! Sushi is yet another restaurant that I found about through Instagram when I saw a fellow food blogger post about its high-quality sushi.  Thus, three friends and I decided to come here to check it out.

Wow! Sushi is located at the plaza at 15 Karachi Drive nearest the intersection of Markham Road and 14th Avenue in Markham.  It’s a relatively new Japanese restaurant that features sushi with take-out or dine-in options available.

When we arrived there at 7 p.m. on a Friday night, it was rather quiet inside with the exception of a few tables of people dining in.  The restaurant itself was quite small inside.

The four of us decided to order the Small Sushi Platter which included 42 pieces of sushi (24 pieces of sushi rolls and 18 pieces of sushi) for $48 which was a fair price.  We inquired about which rolls and sushi the platter would contain.  Upon asking, the server also informed us that the rolls included the Japango Roll, Green Dragon Roll, Salmon and Avocado Roll, and Louis Roll; and that the sushi was made up of various fresh fish that they had.

miso soup

Complimentary miso soup to start to meal

Tokyo Fried Chicken

Tori kara age. $5
-Tokyo Fried Chicken

We started off with an appetizer of Tokyo Fried Chicken (tori kara age) first since Betty knew of my obsession with fried chicken. XD  For $5, this appetizer was reasonably portioned.  Each morsel was really hot when it arrived to the table since it probably came out straight from the fryer.  I thought that the chicken meat was quite dense and hard to chew through…

Before our main sushi pieces arrived, the server served us a portion of Agedashi Tofu that was on the house.  This was really nice and we enjoyed eating this complimentary plate of deep fried tofu with tempura sauce.  The tofu was crispy on the outside yet very soft and squishy on the inside with tempura sauce.  Rosa especially enjoyed this one!

Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu. $4
-deep fried tofu with tempura sauce

Small Sushi Platter

Small Sushi Platter. $48
-24 pieces rolls and 18 pieces sushi

The Small Sushi Platter that we ordered didn’t arrive all at once on a sushi boat as I had anticipated.  Instead, all the sushi pieces arrived with the Green Dragon Roll in assorted format on a ceramic plate.  I was a little disappointed because I thought that the presentation would have been nicer.  However, once I tried the sushi pieces, its deliciousness more than made up for the lack of presentation skills.

Although we weren’t sure exactly which sushi pieces we got, I really, really enjoyed the taste and flavour of each sushi piece.  The fresh sashimi fish was very thinly sliced and fresh while the sushi rice was perfect and soft yet firm.  I absolutely loved the taste of the sushi and could understand why Wow! Sushi was such a talked-about and popular sushi restaurant.

Louis Roll

Louis Roll
-shrimp tempura, spicy salmon, avocado

Gradually, the rest of our rolls as part of the Small Platter arrived as well.  The Louis Roll had shrimp tempura, spicy salmon, and avocado.  This roll was unique in the sense that each one was placed in ‘formation’ on the plate as if each one was lining up.  The spicy salmon and avocado were also piled on top of the shrimp tempura roll which made it look like a little appetizer instead of a sushi roll.  It tasted pretty good.  Although it was ‘spicy salmon’, it didn’t taste spicy at all.

I absolutely loved the Japango Roll.  This one had California roll, salmon, scallop on top, and was torched.  It was also a little spicy too.  This one was the best tasting one since the scallop on top of the sushi roll was fresh and quite largely portioned.  A touch of torching completed the overall texture and taste of the sushi too.  It was just very well put together.

Japango Roll

Japango Roll
-California roll, salmon, scallop on top, torched

Japango Roll

Beautiful Japango Roll. You can see the scallop on top

We only spent $16 each for this meal altogether and thus it was a very simple overview of this restaurant.  In addition to sushi and rolls, they also serve sashimi, hot dishes, and a la carte sushi as well.

Now I can see why the food blogger recommended this restaurant — the sushi really was good!

Wow Sushi Markham

You can see the restaurant as you are driving on Markham Road

Wow Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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