Japanese Sushi at Nichiban Sushi 4 U

Nichiban Sushi 4 U sushi

Nichiban Sushi 4 U located at 3517 Kennedy Road Unit 3 in Scarborough

For an early dinner/continuation of lunch, we went to Nichiban Sushi 4 U for Japanese sushi.  I had been recommended to try this place twice; once by my friend Viv and then by another food blogger on Instagram.  Thus, I was curious to check this place out.

Nichiban Sushi 4 U is located on the corner of Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue behind the Petro gas station.  Those of you who know where Fat Ninja Bite is (a must-try, by the way!), you will find this gem of a Japanese restaurant behind the restaurant.  Their parking lot is tiny but there are spots.  If you happen to be lucky to nab one, you’ll have a hard time turning in and out of the street.  An alternative is to park discreetly at Pacific Mall across the street and walk over to the restaurant. 🙂

Since we dined here at 4:45 p.m., a neither here nor there time for lunch or dinner, I didn’t expect any other customers here.  I was surprised to see other two other full tables here though!

Nichiban Sushi 4 U interior

The restaurant was essentially a long line of booth seats

Nichiban Sushi 4 U menu cover

Menu cover

There were a lot of choices for sushi, combination trays, bento boxes, and hot items like noodles and rice too.  Of course, since I was recommended here to try their sushi, I selected one of their  “Sushi 4 U Signature Rolls”.   Their rolls and sushi were all very decently priced!  I ordered the Snow Valley Roll which had torched white tuna on top of BBQ eel and avocado roll with garlic sauce and bonito flakes. :9

Ken ordered the Seafood Udon.  This was served with a salad which was really fresh!


Salad that accompanied the udon order

I liked how they had a dedicated counter window just for the noodle soups to come out.  I neglected to take a picture of this cute window though. 😛

The Seafood Udon was as good as could be!  It came out steaming hot.  I loved the broth and how it was so clear and refreshing yet flavourful.  I could have drank all of this myself. 😀   The udon noodles were firm but not too soft or chewy.  There were shrimps, mussels, clams, and calamari in the bowl.  The shrimp was just slightly overcooked for my taste but it was still decent.  The mussels and clams were good and I liked how the calamari wasn’t rubbery.

Seafood Udon

Seafood Udon. $11
-served with salad

Onto the sushi part!  Mmm, I really liked the Snow Valley Roll!!  This arrived on a long and narrow tray.  There were generous bonito flakes on the top of this sushi.  I liked how the size of the sushi roll was perfect to squish one into your mouth.  I liked the sushi rice and the ingredients in this roll!  Turns out BBQ eel, avocado, and torched white tuna are all really great things to put together!  I really liked the garlic sauce too; it was slightly spicy but most importantly so creamy.  I like creamy saucy sushi rolls. 😀  (I also didn’t need any extra soy sauce or wasabi at all since the roll was already so well crafted.)

Snow Valley Roll

Snow Valley Roll. $14
– torched white tuna on top of BBQ eel and avocado roll with garlic sauce and bonito flakes

Snow Valley Roll

I always like photographing the sushi roll like this

Now I know why Nichiban Sushi 4 U is rated so highly online and why two people I know recommended this spot!  Other than the less-than-ideal parking spot (but popular area), I would definitely come here again to try more of their signature rolls and sashimi too.

Nichiban Sushi 4 U storefront

See their small parking lot in the back?

Nichiban Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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