Saku Sushi

Saku Sushi rolls

Saku Sushi located at 478 Queen St W in Toronto

This past week, we kicked off the weekend with some sushi from Saku Sushi!  Saku Sushi is located on Queen Street West, which is like foodie heaven to me — there are so many great restaurants on that street!  I became aware of Saku Sushi after seeing beautiful photos of their sushi on Instagram.  

(Apparently, Saku Sushi serves as the second location for the popular Hub Sushi in Thornhill — which I went to earlier this year.)

Saku Sushi storefront

Saku Sushi on popular Queen Street West

I made a dinner reservation for us and when I walked into the restaurant at 6 p.m., I immediately recognized it as the place where the now defunct vegetarian restaurant, Grasslands, used to be.  They had kept everything the same from the former restaurant.

 Saku Sushi interior

If you read my Grasslands blog post, you will see that the interior is exactly the same

We ordered three rolls each and a daily special sashimi sample to share.

Daphne got a Long Island Iced Tea that was super boozy!

 Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea

Volcano Roll, Saku Roll, Energy Roll

Volcano Roll. $12
-prawn tempura, avocado, spicy salmon, yam, potato garnish
Saku Roll. $13
-tuna, scallop, coriander, cucumber, jalapeño
Energy Roll. $13
-prawn tempura, avocado, spicy tuna, unagi

I got the Saku Roll which contained tuna, scallop, coriander, cucumber, and jalapeño.  Lina ordered the Energy Roll which contained prawn tempura, avocado, spicy tuna, and unagi.  Daphne’s Volcano Roll contained prawn tempura, avocado, spicy salmon, yam, and potato garnish.

 Saku Sushi rolls

Sushi view ❤

The rolls were absolutely gorgeous when paired together in the low light restaurant and were decently priced with eight rolls in each one.

Saku Roll

Saku Roll. $13
-tuna, scallop, coriander, cucumber, jalapeño

I liked the size of the rolls; not too big and definitely you were able to fit one entirely into your mouth if you didn’t have too many toppings on your roll.  I liked the Saku Roll.  It was creamy and slightly mushy.  I think the mushiness was due to the rice.  I didn’t taste too much of the scallop which was really the main reason for me ordering this roll — I wanted scallop in my sushi roll!  I liked the sliver of jalapeño on top of the roll that gave it some extra heat.

I tried one roll each of the Energy Roll and the Volcano Roll and thought they were both tasty too.  Daphne really, really enjoyed her Volcano Roll and didn’t stop exclaiming about it. :p  Similar to the Saku Roll, I didn’t think that the spicy salmon nor the spicy tuna were very apparent in the Volcano and Energy Rolls respectively though.  I did like the prawn tempura in the Volcano Roll. 🙂

The Daily Special Sashimi Platter was smaller than I imagined but for $11 was a really good price for amazingly fresh and delicious sashimi.  We all especially liked the salmon sashimi for its fatty cut and smoothness and the hamachi was incredibly soft and melted in your mouth when you ate it.

Daily Special Sashimi Platter

Daily Special Sashimi Platter. $11

I think the sushi here was very similar to that of Hub Sushi now that I am reflecting on the visit.  The special rolls were definitely similar in ingredients, looks, and for having very subtle flavours of featured fish in each roll.  Next time, if I find myself at Saku Sushi again, I will want to try their aburi sushi since the photos I saw online seemed to show really tasty ones!

Saku Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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